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Mix & Match Saturday

By 11:27

I'm starting the week with a fun post. More photos, less words. My brain's being lazy. Lol! No seriously, I thought I'd start with some pretty clothes. Remember I did a post on Caron Boutique about 2 weeks ago. Well I was there again on Saturday after spotting a studded waistcoat on their facebook earlier in the week.

Caron had quite a few new pieces brought in. What I thought was going to be a short visit turned into a fun Mix & Match session. Thanks to Christine, Caron's inhouse stylist and photographer for the session.

Pretty cool outfit huh!
Yes that's the studded waistcoat I'm talking about. :)

Reminds me of Paris Hilton. It could be that white dress ?

Another gorgeous cocktail dress from Lipsy!!!

This is so not me but it's really fun outfit.
*pink heels?! erkk! :P*

Rockstar!! A look to match my dishevelled mane.. lol!

Something for work. Another cool waistcoat.

A fun work look. The feathery pin that's on the jacket can also be clipped on your hair.

Havin' fun with the girls look

A night on the town. *winks*

This kinda works in a strange quirky way. The two-faced handmade mask is cool!

Everything I wore are high street lables at super reasonable prices. So you just have to pop by and check it out. I left with three tops including the studded waistcoat. I'll put up photos of the pieces when I get to wear them. Til then happy stalking Caron Boutique's facebook for new arrivals. Coz that's what I'll be doing. ^^

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  1. Ooooh, I totally dig the outfits in the 2nd and last pics! :D


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