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My 'Professional Look' by Ting from The Body Shop

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Remember the Brush with Fashion competition by The Body Shop Malaysia in April? Well the regional competition is coming up pretty soon and the winner, Ng Geok Ting (Ting) is busy preparing for it. Click here to read about Brush With Fashion.

Ting with Datin Mina and her model when she won the Brush with Fashion Make Up Category in April this year

I thought just by winning, Ting wouldn't really have to do much prep for the regionals but apparently there's loads of requirements before she faces the real thing. Ting has had to do 80 makeovers on various people with various looks. Then there's the Smudge Chart challenge where she has to create looks according to outfits prepared by Alldressedup, a Singaporean lable. The latest challenge for her was to create a look according to the profession of a person. Something that would jive with the nature of work this person does.

I was well excited when I got a call from The Body Shop inviting me to be a part of Ting's journey to the regionals! As some of you guys may already know, I am involved in the legal profession and if you don't, tadaa, now you do. *so much for keeping it hush hush :P*

So the challenge was to create a Professional Look that would be suitable for my everyday working life *those times when I'm not blogging ;)*. The aim is to spread the message that being in the legal profession, your look doesn't have to be a bore. You can play up your make up but still make it look chic and professional. And I don't mean by using "natural colours". That's just playing it safe.

I super lurv what Ting came up with for my look! Here's a step-by-step on how to create a Professional Look that demands attention and establishes a presence that others just can't ignore.

I don't think I have ever looked like this for work before!! Now if only Ting can do my make up every morning. :P

The Before Look
I generally look like this, sleepy. Lol! I blame it on the 4 hours sleep a night. What else would I be doing but sit in front of the lappie typing up posts. ^^

The Base
I got to try out The Body Shop's latest range of mineral foundation that was recently launched, though will only be available some time in  late August/September. Extra Virgin Minerals uses finely-milled minerals combined with pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and is meant to be good for your complexion. It is available in three variants - liquid, cream and powder.

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation & Loose Powder Foundation

My face was cleaned with the Vitamin E Cleansing Wipes and prepped with the Vitamin E Face Mist

Ting decided to go with the Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation SPF15 in 208, to get the matte finish. She chose a shade lighter as mineral foundations tend to get a tad bit darker when it oxidises.

The compact comes with a small brush which you can use to brush the foundation onto the whole face. After which use use a sponge to blend. 

A smooth finish! It has a light texture with buildable coverage depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

Then Ting used the Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation SPF25 in 202 to set the cream foundation

Lightly brush all over face

My base make up is done. My skin looks smooth and the foundation has managed to cover up my acne scars and even out my skin tone.

The Eyes
The idea was to create an eye make up that pops but staying true to the professional look.

The brows frames the face. So it's important to get them right.
Use the Brow & Liner Kit to define the brows.

Shimmer Cubes Palette 20
Shades: Indigo Blue, Starlight Silver, Snow White, Midnight Black
I personally lurv this colour coz you can use it to create many looks. Layer it on heavier and there you have it, the Rock Chic Look! But sadly TBS Malaysia does not carry this colour. *sigh*

Apply Snow White as a base

Carbon Eye Definer in Black to line the eyes

Ting used Carbon Eye Definer in Blue plus colours from the Shimmer Cubes palette on the lids.

Finish it off with LQ Eye Liner and Big & Curvy Mascara both in Black

The Cheeks & Lips
Since the eyes is a bit on the dark side *non star wars related :P*, the cheek and lips only need that hint of colour to compliment it.

For a healthy subtle glow Ting used Baked Blush in Petal

On the lips - Colourglide Lip Colour in Plum which I think in is a great day/work colour and Love Gloss 13.
*Tip: When applying gloss, just dab a tad bit to the centre of the lip for a 3D effect. You don't want to go overboard by applying it all over the lips for work.

To set the make up, spritz the Vitamin E Face Mist.
I was trying to capture the misty effect in this photo. It's not blurry. :)

The Look
I was amazed at how it turned out. I swear I was going to look more rock chic with a dark eye colour, this really proved me wrong. I look chic, polished with a hint of edginess! Watch out world, here I come! *lol!!*

Cool right!

The updo that's sophisticated with a hint of sexiness. *winks*

The Products
During the makeover I had a chance to try out some of TBS's latest products which I've already mentioned earlier. I really need to get my hands on those shimmer cubes! The new foundation feels great, so you guys have to try them out when they get to the stores. If you fancy any of the products that Ting used on me for this brilliant makeover, just head down to any TBS store and ask the SA's if you need any help. :)

I had a fun makeover session with Ting. She shared loads of tips and techniques on how to recreate The Look. Apparently I have to pratice at least an hour a day to master the art of eye make up! More hours in a day would help. *sigh*

I went for tea at Bangsar after the session and needless to say The Professional Look made heads turn. It works, it really does demand attention, for work and even out of work. ^^ Thanks so much Ting & The Body Shop for my new look!! :)

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  1. Looking awesome babe! You got my head turned too. New range of Extra Virgins?

  2. Wow! That's an amazing makeover! :) I would have taken a 2nd or 3rd glance too if I'd seen you in that look. Very pro yet chic, hehe. ^^

  3. Traclyn: Thanx babe!! =) Yup, it's a new range.. They're gonna discon the current range of foudation and replacing it with the Extra Virgins..

  4. Laura: Thanx Laura!! ^^ thanx to the expert hands..

  5. if only there were more lawyers like u in court

  6. u look amazing. how come i dont have people in off looking like that?

  7. denning: i think it'll be a mess coz everyone will be late for trying to get their make up right.. lol!

  8. sam: thankss! ^^ get them to read this post, they might be inspired to try something new.. ;)


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