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Brush Review: Acca Kappa - Pneumatic Paddle Brush

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One of my friends lurvs this brush! I asked if I could take a photo of her with the brush for this post but it was a disappointing "No". Camera shy. *sigh* Unlike her I'll happily take a photo with the brush. Shameless! Lol!!

Brushed my hair first, questions later. Wow! This Pneumatic Paddle Brush feels really gentle against my scalp. It feels different from the Protection Brush and That Green Brush. Good for a delicate massage as well.

It has a round ended tip heat sealed to a natural rubber cushion base. The cushion allows pressure to be absorbed and evenly distributed on the whole brush for a more gentle feel.

I'm holding the small one in the photo. Great size to carry around right.

Just like the Protection Brush and That Green Brush, it goes through my hair oh so smoothly without entagling it at all.

This Pneumatic Paddle Brush comes in two sizes - a big (RM150) one for you to use at home and a small (RM100) one to carry in your bag, perfect to put your mane in place before that hawtt date!

And as the contest goes.. Acca Kappa has exclusively given you guys, super awesome Chocolate Cats readers, a cash voucher worth RM15 when you purchase a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM280 (worth up to RM 390). A steal huh! All you have to do is print out the voucher below and bring it along with you when you're purchasing the set of brushes. Each voucher will have a code for Acca Kappa to keep track of as there are other participants for this contest. The more vouchers you guys print out and use, the chances of me winning a prize of RM2,000 worth of Acca Kappa products increases. I need a minimum of 4 vouchers to be used to qualify for the next round.

Exclusively for you!
Just print out this Cash Voucher!

Current offer
RM 280 - RM15 = RM265 for 3 brushes!!
Offer available at Acca Kappa One Utama and Acca Kappa Pavilion KL.

Well guys, this is the last of my Acca Kappa brush reviews. If you decide to get the brushes using the cash voucher then thanx loads. Even if you're not buying the brushes, hope I've amused you with The Brushes Posts! ^^

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