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Remembering September 30th @ Aquaria

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There's something so intriguing about watching marine creatures swimming around. I remembered my first visit to Aquaria @ KLCC was when it first opened in 2005. Yeah that's like ages ago. Well I had the sudden urge to pop by again recently and had just as much fun as I did the first time I was there.

If you haven't been, seriously it's been 6 years. You need to get yourself there. Apart from the marine life, there's also the land dwelling creatures that make my hair stand on end, creepy crawlies *shivers at the mention of it*, venemous predators, butterflies and bunch of other exciting attractions. Plus, it's educational! I know that sounds so school-ish but there's still so much to learn about so many things. I'm the curious type. :)

The Megatooth Shark

"Is there something behind me?"

"Help! Help!" *should have wiped that smile off my face, would have been a tad more believable don't you!*

Missed the feeding session by 15 mins!! Argghh!! Would've been so cool to watch.

Electric Eel

Giant Water Rats
They weren't joking when they said giant.

They are so cheeky! Moved around really fast too. Trying to get a clear photo without flash was a tough one.

Part of the Amphibious Attraction

Rose Hair Tarantula
Great pose huh..

From South America and goes by 7 different names. Talk about being a rock star! Plus it's nose can rotate up to 60 degrees. It was feeding time for them too. So adorable!! They are really well fed. Look at the tail-less one perched on the branch.

The Tube Tank
The flooded rainforest perfectly captured! The illuminating light from the silver scales are awesome.

The Araipaima. It's huge!! The fact sheet says it grows up to 10 feet long!!

The Mangrove
The fishies swimming around in this pond was too fast to be captured on my camera. But what I did managed to get was the super friendly Spotted Rays. There were two of them and the more people they saw leaning over to see them, they attached themselves to the wall and started flapping! Looked like they could have jumped out anytime.

I'm not sure if it's saying hello or trying to escape.

Look! A vain spotted ray, lookin good for the camera!

The Tunnel

Sand Tiger Sharks and no it doesn't eat people

Check out the gnashers on that one *chomp chomp*

The Giant Stingrays glided by so fast!

"The Mirror"
My fave spot! I could sit there for the longest time just to watch the fishies and the Green Turtles that decided to swim by while I was there.

Fishies galore for the cat!

Come here you! Lol!

Wierd & Wonderful

Pretty sure this is where those sci-fi movies get their ideas from. Looks like something out of Star Trek!

These are another cool lot! Jelly fish!

The Gift Shop

Aww come on, the turtle with the eye patch was just too adorable.

Lip colour: Estee Lauder Bois De Rose

I had loads of fun and I had to bring out "The Ears"! I'm definitely going again when they get they're next new attraction up and running some time early next year. ^^ Sorry about the blurry photos. Flash photography wasn't allowed for obvious reasons.

For more info on Aquaria visit their official site.

I've got a few exciting things for you guys next week. To tickle your curiosity, let me just say it has to do with something super pretty. *winks*

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