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Lancôme Blush Subtil Rose - Pretty & Lurvin It!

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Tell me you don't want this and I'll say you're bonkers. I know there have been a few make up pieces I've lurved this year but I've really fallen for this particular one. It's Lancôme's New Blush Subtil Rose. Not only will the signature rose design captivate you, the colour it imparts is like a pretty dose of gorgeous on your cheeks!

From what I've learnt this new range of complexion enhancers is only available in Asia. So I'm assuming the colours are designed to suit most Asian complexions. It's meant to instantly highlight, contour and add radiance to the cheeks. Each shade has 4 colours that can either be layered together or worn separately.

The shade I have is Rose Rouge and I  it to bits! It's a palette of red and bronze. I couldn't take my eyes of that bright rosey red shade, there's just something about it. Each complexion enhancer comes with a short instruction on which part of the cheeks and face it should be applied to. I tried following it and it turned out a right mess! I gave up and decided to have some fun with it. One day a bit more pink, the next day a bit more red. Experiment!

Shade 1: Bronze Powder - Apply at center of cheeks
Shade 2: Highlighter - Apply to highest part of cheeks. Can also be used on other parts of face
Shade 3: Pink - Apply below shade 1 to create depth and contour cheeks
Shade 4: Rosey Red - Layer on top of shade 1 for colour or use on external corner of brow bone to open up eyes

The texture of this blush/complexion enhancer is smooth and feels light on the skin. It's also easy to blend which means you can play around with the colour intensity. The bronze powder (can be used for light contouring) and highlighter are lightly pigmented but delivers great effect. The Pink and Rosey Red colours are more pigmented so you can actually pick and choose to use them together or either one depending which one you want to stand out more. Since it layers with ease I say just have fun with it! :)

I the fresh and radiant glow this blush/enhancer gives me! If you have medium or tan complexion I suggest you try out Rose Rouge. It gives that "I've been up to something naughty, but I'm not gonna tell" look! Flushed! *cheeky smile* And you know how blush/cheek colours usually run off after a few hours especially on oily skin, well this lasted up to 8 hours on me!

Left: Rosey Red worn alone
Right: After layering on the other 3 shades

Left: Rosey Red worn alone
Right: Layered on with the other 3 shades

Perfect glow! ^^
Also featuring on lips: Lancôme Satin & Hydrating Lip Colour in 320

Here are some tips from Lancôme's finest:

1) I asked Zamri, Lancôme's National Makeup Artist how best to wear it. According to him to use as a simple blush with a more intense colour just swirl the three main shades together without the highlighter (1+3+4) and blend it on your cheeks. Thats what he did for my makeover last week using 30 Rose Melba. Turned out amazing!

2) Another tip from Alan, Lancôme's Make Up Artist - to create a 3D effect which I'm definitely not going to be able to do, use the darkest/intense colour (4) first on your cheeks then take the other three colours (1+2+3) and layer it slighty above the cheek colour and blend out. I tried it, but I'm not sure it turned out all too well. Lol! But the colour still looks super pretty!

Lancôme Subtil Rose Blush comes in 4 shades - 10 Rose Rose, 20 Rose Coral, 30 Rose Melba and 40 Rose Rouge. Retails at RM120 and available now at all Lancôme counters. Remember to follow Lancôme Malaysia on facebook.

*Note: Product courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia.

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  1. That is on on pretty blusher! It suits you really well! I hope it is not a limited edition....

  2. Thanx jolie! I'm not sure if it's LE. I'll find out. If it is then I'll get another colour.. ^^


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