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Dare To Reveal Yourself with See By Chloé

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I do love a good challenge. Especially when it involves being more narcissistic than usual. When I accepted this challenge the plan was to do it differently from the core concept but not stray.. and it turned out fab!!

The original Chloé fragrance is a true classic and I love the scent. But it reminds me of a grown up scent, not matured but just not in the early 20's anymore. So Chloé recently introduced her younger sister called See By Chloé with a fresh concept. Loving the promo shots with Bette Franke. She portays See By Chloé as being spontaneous, vibrant, feminine yet sexy.

I'm not usually attracted to floral scents but I really fancied this one. It's not intense, the floral is strong but not too much. Then I realised apart from the sparkling apple scent, it was the bergamot that was calling out to me. I seem to have this natural attraction to bergamot. Which also explains the inclination of almost always asking for Earl Grey at tea. See By Chloé opens with fresh notes of bergamot, sparkling apple blossom with jasmine and ylang ylang at its heart. It dries down to a soft vanilla and sandalwood base.

Carried out of it's bright glossy pink box, the perfume is encased in a multi-faceted bottle reminiscent of a vintage bird cage. See By Chloé is embossed in bright pink on the silver  band that hugs the bottle neck. The silver cap is accessoried with a ring. Which I suppose you either twirl it around with or I slipped a necklace through it! The glass pleats give a mirror effect which makes the champagne coloured liquid to sparkle when it hits a glimmer of sunlight. The three tiny feet at the base gives that floating bottle effect. Beginning to sound like a girly fairy tale here. Lets move on.

The Dare To Reveal Yourself videos shows four girls having fun playing spin the bottle. The Truth or Dare game basically explains all four videos. I decided to come with my own interpretation of each concept. I was thinking of doing it all in one post but decided to break it into four mini ones instead. It starts next week so stay tuned for that! In the mean time check out the Making Off.. See By Chloé campaign.

I have also made my own video which you guys can view on the See By Chloé site. Vote for my video! If you like it Click Like, if you love it Leave a Comment and if you think it's fabulous Share It. If you think this was an awesome way to get to know a little bit more about me then Do All Three!

See By Chloé is already available nationwide.

See By Chloé EDP 30ml  – rm187
See By Chloé EDP 50ml  – rm277
See By Chloé EDP 75ml  – rm340
See By Chloé Shower Gel 150ml   – rm109
See By Chloé Body Lotion 150ml   – rm137
See By Chloé Deodorant 100ml     – rm133

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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