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La Senza Body Kiss Summer '13

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If you fancy your body being kissed why not try La Senza Body Kiss collection. I mean this in the most innocent way possible. Or you can  get your body kissed while wearing Body Kiss. Entirely up to you. Lol!

La Senza Body Kiss range uses a new bra technology, cushioned underwire casing for no dig, no poke, no pinch comfort. The molded foam cup and soft silky fabric gently 'kisses' your body. The elastics are super soft with barely there "hook and eyes". This push up range is amazingly comfy to wear!

Just in time for Summer, La Senza Body Kiss collection have awesome hawtt new shades that you will love. Drawing inspiration from the summer music festivals, the colours are bright, neons, swarovski adorned and leopard print for you wild ones. No music festival look is complete without at least a peak of bra showing. It's a statement that I think is really sexy!

my pick from the Body Kiss™  range!! oh meeooww.. sexxyyy!!

I also got measured for my bra size again. Seems that my measurement has gone down a bit. Didn't realise I lost weight. *confused* La Senza has their own measurement chart, all you need to do is take the measurement of the under bust and the cup, compare it to the chart and there you have it, your perfect size! It does however vary according to style. So it's better put as 60% measurement 40% fitting. Always try before purchasing! These party worthy bras also come with matching undies. You cannot not match right.

with tammy next to me looking suspicious!! LOL!!

La Senza is currently having a promotion for the Body Kiss range where you buy 1 and get the second one for 60% off. Body Kiss bras starts from RM149. So head down to your nearest La Senza stores! Kiss kiss.. :) Remember to follow La Senza Malaysia on facebook for latest updates.

Thanks loads Tammy of Plus Size Kitten and The Butterfly Project for the invite!!

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  1. I don't realize that the bra size's card have the types of panties!! huhu...

  2. glad to see you! tea sooooon!!!!!

  3. shila: the guide comes in handy!

    jean: tea!! and more cakes and cookies!!!

    carolyn: nice meeting you too! :)

  4. La Senza has variety of colorful bras! Greetings from Singapore!

    Shikin Kikin |

  5. la senza is the big brand for undergarments, i have purchase this products from here


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