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Dare To Sing With See By Chloé

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The first video for See By Chloé Dare to Reveal Yourself is Dare To Sing. I had my very own outdoor rock concert performing for imaginary fans the other day. Just when you thought it's too old to have an imaginary anything. Even had a random guy, a real live one, asking to take a photo with me! I might go on tour next... *laughs hysterically* 

The See By Chloé Dare To Sing Video is all girly and stuff, not my thing. Portraying a rock chick made more sense. Plus it was loads more fun!

I have also made my own video which you guys can view on the See By Chloé siteVote for my video! If you like itClick Like, if you love it Leave a Comment and if you think it's fabulous Share It. If you think this was an awesome way to get to know a little bit more about me then Do All Three!

Read more about Dare To Reveal Yourself with See By Chloé campaign here.

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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  1. omg! love ur stocking and the superstar singing poses!!!!! this post is super nice! =D


Appreciate your comments >_<