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Review: Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula

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The peculiar name got me so curious. Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula was founded by... wait for it... a nurse! Bet you didn't see that coming. Lol. It comes in a brown box with a pink ribbon around it. The box has a charity message on it with cute printed "hand drawn" photos.  It gets a girl even more curious. Inside is a cute drawing of a nurse with Top 10 Special Nurse Bits and printed "hand drawn ingredients". A lot of thought went into the packaging. It's super cute.

Well, Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula was created out of desperation by Antonia Steven, a paediatric  Nurse. Nurses wash, scrub and sanitise their hands endlessly all day that their hands get super dry and in some severe cases, the hands will crack and bleed. Those hospital grade sanitisers mean serious business and make your hands really dry especially when used often. I use it at home so I can vouch for all that dryness it causes. So Nurse Antonia had about enough of it and decided to develop an ultra-moisturising hand cream formula.

Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula is made from natural active ingredients with one in particular that just happens to be my fave because it makes everything smell delicious, Almond Oil. The ingredients are selected for the unique ability to protect and hydrate the skin all day.

active manuka honey, pomegranate seed oil, aloe leaf extract, wheat germ oil, passion fruit seed oil, sweet almond oil, white willow bark extract

Good stuff this one! Here's why... it has this wonderfully rich texture that absorbs within seconds, non-greasy and it hydrates really well. To top it off, it smells amazing! I'm currently addicted to it, so I slip the slim squeeze tube into my bag and bring it everywhere with me and religiously use it every time after I wash my hands. You don't need to use much, just apply a pea-size amount om clean, dry hands and massage well into the skin for at least 30 seconds. And that's it, comfortable moisturised hands throughout the day.

Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula is tested on nurses, not animals! Love this disclaimer and it's made in the UK. You can however get from a Malaysian website that carries Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula and a few others brands which has some interesting products. It retails at RM29.90 for a 50ml tube.

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