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Review: The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Raspberry In Love

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The Colour Crush Liptick Collection has been out for about a month or so and I'm pretty sure you guys have checked this out in store and/or even bought a few by now. This new range of lippies from The Body Shop is meant to give a brilliant pop of colour while moisturising your lips

It comes in 18 beautiful shades here in Malaysia. What makes it easy for you to choose the shade you want is that it's been divided into 3 colour families - Reds, Pinks and Neutrals.When I was asked to choose my colour, I was instantly attracted to the Reds and chose Raspberry in Love. A perfect choice since deep reds and burgundy lips are trending at the moment. I know it looks dark in the tube but once worn it looks so romantic! 

I had fun playing around with the lip chart. You can use it as a guide before trying on a colour.

Raspberry In Love is a pearlescent shade with great colour pay off and is well pigmented. You will notice the colour clearly with just one swipe. Two layers gives you a more intense crimson shade which is a big Autumn trend. The colour comes from high quality pigments used in the lippies. Its smooth hydrating texture makes it easy to glide on thanks to the Community Fair Trade Marula Oil and Cherry Seed Oil. My lip stays moisturised for about two hours or so. Then again my lips are currently on the slightly dry side. If yours are too, you could apply a lip balm and blot before. I was pleasantly surprise by its staying power. Despite it being hydrating the colour stays on for a good few hours or at least until I eat and/or drink. Even then a light hint of colour lingers after. It's easily removed with a gentle makeup remover. As for the rose scent, it's ever so slight that I find it to be nonintrusive. 

The Marula Oil used in the Colour Crush Lipstick collection comes from the ripe fruit of the sacred marula tree. It is sourced from Eudafano Women's Co-Operative which is helping 1750 women. The women involved in the project report that the benefits to them go beyond money, it also helps give them a sense of independence, business management and confidence.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick collection retails at RM49 each. You can either get in store or at the online store

*Product courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia.

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