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Your Clinique faves and must haves are now just a click away! That's right, is now up and running! Clinique is known for it's many 1st and now it's the first prestige skincare brand in Malaysia with an e-commerce site. For instance, the 1st Dermatologist developed, Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free line of skincare product and the 1st skincare brand to feature products instead of a model’s face in its advertisements to name a few.

Unfortunately, the day it launched I couldn't join Clinique for this amazing celebration. So I checked out the new site as soon as could. It really does have everything you need and want from the Brand's e-commerce website. From editorial content, videos and skincare advice for both men and women looking for trusted skincare and grooming recommendations. The cornerstone of the site is the brand brand content and touches on Clinique's commitment to the powerful promise of all products being Dermatologist Developed, Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free.

Clinique was the first brand to launch e-commerce in United States in 1988 and has 21 e-commerce and 20 marketing websites to-date. In Asia, e-commerce has been launched in Australia in 2006, China in 2008, Japan 2009 and with Korea and Thailand in 2012.

According to Sharyn Wong, brand General Manager of Clinique and Origins says, "Over the past 2 years, we have had customers who do not live near a departmental store calling us. Such as those residing in the East Coast where we have yet to have a presence. Thus the Clinique e-commerce allows consumers to not feel singled out. We are creating accessibility, reflecting the inception of Clinique back in 1968. Furthermore, for male customers who may not be comfortable buying products over the counter, the e-commerce is a welcoming alternative".

Sharyn Wong with Paul Slavin, Managing Director of the Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia

Yen Chong, Clinique Senior Communications Manager introducing the new e-commerce site

Features to the e-commerce website include :

ENHANCED LAY OUT features an easy-to-maneuver navigation panel organised by product categories such as skin care and makeup.  Product searching is made even easier with product sub-categories including a stand-alone section devoted to the targeted skin care concerns. Clinique is renowned for addressing dermatological concerns such as uneven skin tone, blemishes and wrinkles.

CUSTOM-FIT SKIN CARE DIAGNOSTIC – the innovative “My Skin Consultation” tool brings the easy Clinique Consultation from the counter to the Internet – a 1st for Clinique.  The online consultation allows consumers to answer a series of questions about their skin care concerns, resulting in a recommended personalized skin care routine in just 60 seconds.  This three minute tool can be accessed at any stage throughout the customer’s website experience.

PERSONALISED INFORMATION ON MY CLINIQUE – service is front and center on the new “My Clinique” section of the site.  A host of personalized information is culled and saved for the consumer to access whenever they please. Features include:

Coveted Dermatologist Advice – Clinique brings the dermatologist to the consumer’s home with targeted skin care videos on topics such as uneven skin tone and exfoliation featuring Dr. David Orentreich, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist.

And, for the Clinique adorer and those new to the brand alike, the “Why Clinique” section helps visitors learn further about Clinique’s Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free heritage (platform), iconic products and points of difference.  Everything that makes Clinique the authority on dermatological skin care solutions.

Two other things that will have you jumping in your seats.. you will get two free samples with any purchase and shipping is free with any purchase of RM250 and above.

So all you need to do before embarking on your journey at is to register yourself, which hardly takes a few seconds. Then you can start exploring. I particularly like the videos and how-to's with Jenna Menard, Clinique's Global Colour Artist.

Rest assured when you purchase from you are getting the original stuff. The site evidently displays the CLINIQUE TRUSTMARK. Clinique is committed to providing the highest quality and the Clinique Trustmark guarantees you are shopping directly with Clinique, where the quality and safety of products are assured and stored in temperature controlled warehouse preserving product freshness.

If you're worried that your products may not get to you in good condition, Clinque has partnered with DKSH Distribution Centre who has one of the largest and most extensive operations in Malaysia in product delivery. With state of the art facilities such a temperature controlled warehouse and a full security controlled, products can be delivered within the same day, named day or the standard delivery time. Consumers can be assured that the products purchased will be delivered in the best quality and with maximum service channels by DKSH including telephone and email help desk.  

So what do you after you finish going through this post? Visit! ;)

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