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Estée Lauder Modern Muse - A New Fragrance

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'The perfume bottle that will never look undressed' - The bottle of the new Estée Lauder Modern Muse fragrance has this chic bow perfectly placed at the top of the bottle that you never have to remove to spray on the fragrance. Hence it will always look perfectly dressed and ready to go! It just so happens this new fragrance comes in time for the Raya (Eid) Celebrations. You guys know what I'm trying to say right.

A Modern Muse is strong and confident, enhanced by her own intrinsic femininity and individual style. She is the heroine of her own life, always following her own instinct. She is an independent spirit who possesses a natural magnetism that draws people in, inspires them with her smile, and speaks to them without saying a word. She is memorable, a force of creative energy, a true inspiration to others.

Estée Lauder Modern Muse is inspired by the intriguing duality of today’s woman and complements every aspect of her dynamic life. This fragrance captures the essence of a Modern Muse with a Lush Floral Woody scent, a true statement in modern luxury that conveys confidence, style and creativity with a modern, youthful attitude. 

Composed of subtle contrasts and bold contradictions, Modern Muse reveals layers of strength and softness in an appealing creative tension. Its innovative “dual-impression” structure invites women to connect with the fragrance through two contrasting aspects:

  • Sparkling Jasmine Accord: This facet of the fragrance captures the creative energy and magnetic femininity of a modern woman. Exotic Mandarin and tempting Honeysuckle Nectar send a spark of energy through a youthful sensation of Dewy Petals. Two extractions of Jasmine Sambac, including one new to the perfumery palette, Jasmine Sambac China Absolute, bring luminous texture to the feminine bouquet of rich Tuberose Fleur and Fresh Lily.
  • Sleek Woods Accord: Her sleek style, strength and sensuality are expressed through this innovative blend of two Patchouli essences wrapped in the creaminess of Madagascar Vanilla, rich Amber Wood and soft Musk – all of which craft an undeniably sensual finish.

At first whiff I was very drawn to the Sparkling Jasmine scent. Although after having it on for a while both floral and woody notes sits really well together on me. I have to admit though the scent is on the strong side, so one spritz was enough for me. It lasted for about six hours on me after which the scent lingered. I prefer it that way with strong scents.  

Duality is also part of the Modern Muse package design. In color: blush pink and deep navy blue. In shape: a strong, tall luxurious glass bottle with soft rounded sides. In attitude: modern drama with classic accents re-interpreted. Together, these contrasts create a compelling visual surprise that is an important part of the Modern Muse experience. The pink was chosen to represent the soft, feminine side of today's woman, while navy blue signifies the trademark color of the Estée Lauder brand.

A key element of the bottle design - the bow - was inspired by the iconic bow on Estée Lauder’s first fragrance, Youth Dew, which launched in 1953. For Modern Muse, the bow has been re-imagined in dark navy patent as the ultimate symbol of style and sophistication. The bow adorns the spray-through cap, putting a defining touch on a bottle that is never without its bow and always perfectly dressed. To further convey the soft and strong duality of today’s woman, the modern yet feminine bow is set against the harmonious and architectural shape of the bottle’s sleek and contemporary design. The outer carton features a graceful sketch of the Modern Muse bottle, bringing charm to the package design in a very modern and artistic way.

Arizona Muse has been chosen as the face of Modern Muse. This also happens to be her debut as the new spokesperson of Estée Lauder. The TVC, print and digital advertising campaign was shot in New York City's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by Craig McDean.

NEW: The Modern Muse Collection
The Modern Muse Body Lotion (RM165 for 200ml) is a lightweight, luxurious lotion that quickly absorbs into skin. The hydrating formula replenishes moisture leaving the body radiant and silky smooth. The Modern Muse Shower Gel (RM165 for 200ml) is a rich, full-bodied formula that delivers a luxurious lather to help leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Retail Price for Estée Lauder Modern MuseRM420 (100ml) EDP, RM290 (50ml) and RM200 (30ml). Estée Lauder Modern Muse is available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide.

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