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Chocolate Cats x Bobbi Brown - Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 Part 2

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This post includes photos from the third to fifth days of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014. For Part 1 click here. Day 3 saw some serious cat eye liner for the Islamic Fashion Festival. The head turning I want to line my eyes that way too kind. I suppose I could but stares would be inevitable. The Hafflins and Innai Red shows saw classic looks, with Hafflins going for bold red lip with clean lined eyes and Innai Red opted for a very fresh minimal look. Rizaman Ruzaini and Jonathan Liang also didn't stray too much from a minimalist look. While Rizman Ruzaini's look was almost nude, Jonathan Liang's appeared more luminous.

Honestly I thought I had more photos on Day 4 but apparently I was tied up with another commitment in between. But I did managed to capture some photos from the earlier show and the Farah Khan which I wasn't going to miss. Casey Gan, Hayden Koh and Ruzz Gahara went with orange lined eyes which popped really well on the runway. While the models for Fizzi Woo and Jimmy Lim wore cheeks and eyes in illuminated bronze. In true Farah Khan style, the look was glamorous, boldly lined eyes with a pop of bright red lips. Gorgeous.

So much to be said for the final day. Things didn't turn out as planned but I did make it for the final two shows. The makeup for Jovian Mandagie was kept simple and youthful which made the collection stand out even more. Tom Abang Saufi by Iman and Kavita Sidhu both left lips nude focusing on the eyes. 

The end of five days and it was fabulous! I just really enjoyed hanging out backstage seeing the transformation for each show. Thanks loads again Bobbi Brown Malaysia for having me!

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  1. wow the makeup skill is awesome :D


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