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5 Tips To Radiant Beauty With Felix Nguyen Of Bobbi Brown

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It's the season for that radiant illuminating look. You oily-combination girls reading this don't run away just yet. Well actually I went, "No that's just not going to work for me", but I now I'm curious to see if I can pull it off after picking up some tips and tricks at the Bobbi Brown Radiant Beauty Workshop with Bobbi Brown's Manager of Artistry (Asia Pacific), Felix Nguyen. You may have seen photos of him in my Backstage with Bobbi Brown at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014. Yes, the very good looking one.

The Radiant Beauty Workshop came in time for the launch of the new Illuminating Nudes Collection. Felix made it look very simple to achieve that glowy look which I think would be perfect for you girls with normal and perhaps even dry skin. It may need some adjusting if like me you turn into greasy disco ball lunch.

1. Moisturise Well - Regardless of skin type, it's very important to moisturise your skin well. Pick a suitable formula that works for your skin. Well moisturised skin makes for a good canvas for what's coming next and it will adhere to your skin much better.

2. Time To Illuminate - The new Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm is perfect for normal-dry skin girls. Simply apply a small amount to the entire face. The reflective pearls mimic the radiance of healthy glowing skin on contact. Now if you have combination-oily skin and you want to give this ago, apply a small amount to the cheek area, avoiding the t-zone completely.

3. Get That Foundation On - Felix used his favourite Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation as it easy to either go sheer or build up to full coverage. For the illuminating look, try to keep the foundation as light as possible. You can either finish of with some powder of leave it as is. For oily-combination girls apply powder on the t-zone, and lightly on cheeks if possible.

4. Add Oil - Yes, oil. I mean the Extra Face Oil. It's to get the cheeks looking plump. It's a dry oil so it could work out ok for oil-combination skin. Then again if you're going to try this, use a very small amount on the cheeks. Or skip it altogether.

5. Rouge It - The Pot Rouge is the go to for a glowy fresh look. Pale Pink is Bobbi's favourite shade. I've tried it before and I have to admit, it does look really pretty but it also doesn't last as long as a powder does. But you can always touch up on the go.

Complete the look with Bobbi Brown Classic Eyes, filled brows and either a lipstick or gloss. If you find you need some extra radiance you can apply a little bit more of the Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm to your cheeks before the pot rouge. There you have it, a two hour workshop summarised in 5 simple tips. Happy trying!

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