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Review: Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer

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Make Up For Ever has come up with a new range of primers referred to as Step 1 - Skin Equalizer. These skin equalizers instantly correct and prepare the skin, for flawless and longer lasting makeup result. The six variants is meant to give a wide range of choice to correct specific skin problems.

The range is formulated with The Equalizer Complex, a core of active ingredients that runs through out the range and acts on hydration, elasticity and cellular renewal for an instant skin effect. The Acti Tensor 3D, a complex of sugars that redesigns the skin’s texture to blur imperfections and lift the facial contours. Regeactive, a vegetable sugar that boosts cellular renewal and regenerates the upper levels of the epidermis for a more even texture that looks totally unified. Hyaluronic acid to guard against imperceptible water loss and sheathe the skin in a perfectly invisible hyper-hydrating film. Once the primer is absorbed, it fuses with the skin and leaves it utterly nude. As described by the brand.

Smoothing Primer
It instantly fills in and blurs imperfections for silky soft skin. The silicon elastomers evens out skin texture by minimising pores, wrinkles and fine lines. While silica bonds with the light.

This tinted primer has a thick texture that is easy to spread out and gives the skin a velvety smooth finish. First thing I noticed is that it clings to some dry bits I have. There are few breakouts which are drying out and the Smoothing Primer just emphasises it. Foundation application made it even more obvious. My complexion did however appear some what smoother but the blurry effect didn't really do much for the acne scars. Three hours later, my foundation appeared a tad patchy. This usually happens with a primer or any base products which is silicone dense.

Radiant Primer Glow Base
This comes in six colours to instantly correct radiance according to skin tone and bring more hydration and light to the face. Formulated with our blend of Spectraflex® pigments to neutralize imperfections and banish dullness, Radiant Primers give immediate radiance and even skin tone for a flawless makeup all day long.

I tried out yellow which is for tanned skin. It's meant to give milky skin or slightly grey skin which is flattering to very pigmented skin. Needless to say I find this really odd. This fluid and easy to apply primer went on white on my complexion. I looked whiter after my foundation and I noticed I appeared very two dimensional. Four hours into the day, this primer did what it was designed to do, make my complexion appear grey. Seriously. I just looked flat, dull with a pinch of chalky. I just didn't understand how this primer was suppose to give me radiance.

That said, Make Up For Ever did mention that these new primers are meant to work best with their foundations. Since I don't own a Make Up For Ever foundation, I used it with one of my own. That could be the reason these primers didn't work well with me.

Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer retails at RM160 for 30ml.

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* Products courtesy of Make Up For Ever Malaysia.

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