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Discover Estée Lauder 3 Minute Beauty

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I bet some you didn't know Estee Lauder offered such a service. Now that you know, it's something that you should take full advantage of because there's loads of tips and tricks that you can pick up. I spent an afternoon with Estee Lauder learning more about the 3-Minute Service. "3 minutes is all beauty should ever take", that's what Estee Lauder said. I wish it would only take that long, but the fastest I can do is 15 minutes for the most basic, the results, questionable.

The combination of Estee Lauder's must-have products and simple application techniques gives you a series of 3 Minute beauty tricks. You can then use these like a menu to pick out the trick you need for the day, be it for the morning when your day starts or late afternoon to freshen up your look before moving on to your evening plans. Check out the Estee Lauder 3 Minute Beauty page here.

There are 6 quick 3 Minute techniques to achieve amazing results - Instant Glow/Instant Matte, Fatigue Fighter, Modern Wing, Highlight and Contour, Lip Shape-Up and XO Spots. Bobby Wang, Estee Lauder's APAC Regional Make-Up Artist, showcased a Day To Go Make-up look incorporating the signature 3 Minute Beauty techniques. To make this exciting, Bobby broke down the classic Kendall Jenner look using the 3 Minutes Beauty techniques. It was all quick and simple. I dare say it was achievable on the most part, except for Kendall's smokey eyes that did take a little bit longer.

All you have to do is drop by an Estee Lauder counter and let the Beauty Advisor know that you want to learn one of or all of the 3 Minute Beauty technique. Then you can incorporate them in your daily makeup routine and hopefully cut down on the time you need to get your face on. I have managed to follow some of the 3-Minute Beauty techniques, however my Kendall Jenner eyes are yet to look like how it's suppose to.

Thank you Estee Lauder for a wonderful afternoon!

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