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10 Random Facts About Me

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I finally decided to do this post after being tagged by Jean on instagram ages ago. I figured it's a good way for you guys to get to know me a bit better especially since a large part of the blog content is product reviews.

I am a hardcore dark chocolate kinda girl. I love desserts and would live on them if I could. I am however very fussy about my desserts, good ones only. Cats have been part of my family my entire life. Breakfast consists of slightly sweet foods only, never savouries because it just doesn't agree with my stomach. My fave fruits are papaya and cherries. Not really a big red meat fan unless it's cooked as one of my favourite dishes.

I am an introvert. Some of you guys who have met me must be going, "What?!  No way!", but I actually am. My hair is naturally curly and insanely frizzy, nothing like what you guys normally see for my reviews. About the only photo I have of it on the blog is in this post. While most of my post graduate classmates were busy with internships way back when, I opted to work at a fancy cafe/patisserie because the cakes and desserts are freaking awesome! Big shout out to Konditor & Cook on Gray's Inn Road, had a fantastic time there. The Boston Brownie is out of this world!

I am a dancer, trained in modern jazz, did some ballet and had loads of fun with hip hop. I danced for many years and although I consider myself retired now, dance was a major part of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So there you go. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it! x

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  1. I love cherries! And our hair are the same. Stay gorgeous! x


Appreciate your comments >_<