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Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Eau De Parfum

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The bottle looks so mysterious that you just can't resist taking a a closer look. Lancome recently launched it's latest fragrance Lancome La Nuit Tresor, a new addition to the Tresor range. The campaign is fronted by Penelope Cruz and Illay Kurelovic which tells the story of two unqie individuals, a star and her boxer lover who are different yet complementary, they are irresistably drawn towards each other. The recent launch however was with a friend of Lancome Malaysia, actress entrepreneur, Neelofa.

Described as a love potion, La Nuit Tresor is gourmand aphrodisiac fragrance (a scent made from edible ingredients). It is an ode to two flowers - the Black Rose which has been the symbol of Lancome and Tresor for the past 25 years and the Tahitian Vanilla Orchid. La Nuit Tresor opens with the scent of Pear which then goes into the heart with the harmonious blend of essence of Damask Rose which is an ultra feminine scent and Tahitian Vanilla Orchid dubbed the black gold of perfumery for it's sensual, rare and bewitching quality. The flowers are given a fresh twist with a zesty lychee accord, patchouli, smoky papyrus, praline and a noticeable incense dry down.

La Nuit Tresor is born out of a fascinating enigma. An infinitely poetic tale of two stars irresistably attracted towards each other to the point of collision which occurs every 100 years and is said to create a substance known as black diamond. This has inspired the creation of the La Nuit Tresor flacon. The gem-like bottle is finely cut with an admirably symmetrical glass weight, its original form is inspired by 1952's original Tresor, a raw diamond chiselled into 75 facets. It tinted transparent bottle reveals the pink-tinged fragrance. It is adorned with a black satin rose at the neck. Quintessentially French elegance shows through the bottles every detail.

Lancome La Nuit Tresor EDP comes in 50ml - RM318 and 75ml -RM415 and is available at all Lancome counters naionwide.

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