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Avatar - Preview Screening

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Big shout out to the weekend Cruisers for hooking me up with the Avatar movie preview tickets. You guys rock!

The preview was last night at GSC OU at 9pm. Big crowd for this highly aniticipated movie of the year. This is James Cameron's big feature after Titanic in 1991.


"Avatar" is an emotional journey of redemption and revolution. The story tells of a wounded ex-marine, who thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit an exotic planet rich in bio-diversity, and eventually crosses over to lead an indigenous race in a battle for survival. Thus, combining the elements of massive spectacle and intimate character that made James Cameron's "Titanic" the highest grossing film of all time. (Source: Cinema Online)

What I Think:

I have to be honest, I'm no good at movie reviews but this was a DAMN GOOD MOVIE! It was GGI-filled with a strong story line. The effects were amazing. It encompasses a whole lot of different things, cultures, animals. This movie transports you to a different place all together. The 4 1/2 years taken to make this movie was worth the wait. I'm definitely watching this again, perhaps in 3D. :)

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  1. yes agree with u it's dam GOOD!!! i want to watch again in 3D too!!!


Appreciate your comments >_<