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Topshop Topman Christmas Party

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I went to the Topshop Topman Christmas Party at Pavilion yesterday about 6pm. Didn't really expect to stay very long but ended up leaving about 930pm as I decided to wait around for the fashion show.

They gave out goodie bags upon registration and was serving cupcakes, mini donuts & popcorn instore. My kind of yummy party! Lol! Free manicure service was provided as well as a mini makeover by Shu Uemura. And if you had the dire urge of updating your look, their Style Advisor Service was also available for free. At the back of the store you could get your picture taken wearing Topshop/Topman accesories against a glittery silver background and take home a printed copy of it. Such a party feel!

The staff at the Silver Wall & Accessories Corner

To liven up the atmosphere there were 2 guest DJs at the event, spinning from club to pop music. There was also a Guitar Hero Challenge on the 4th Floor where you could win cash vouchers. Since I was walking around happily munching away at the cupcakes and donuts, I didn't really feel like giving this a go.

The DJ was wearing a dress from Topshop..
Nice party dress!

Guitar Hero Challenge by Junk

The Topshop Topman Collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 has a grunge-feel to it. Whilst the Kate Moss Collection is described as shaby chic with faux fur coats, slinky dresses, pencil skirts, chiffon dresses as well as studded pieces. They have some really pretty party outfits, lots of sequins, details, glamorous. Big on leggings too, lurv the leggings!

Like her hair! & she was crazy TALL!
I can only ever dream to be that height.. *sob*

Don't really fancy those leggings on a guy..
It looks wrong..

Like the mini dress/top..

The pants is kinda cool. Leggings, gorgeous!

Quite fancy this look on a guy.. :)

Pretty party look..

Not too sure if I can pull off this look but its pretty funky..

Like this look, so stylishly relaxed..

He carried off the look way too well.. ;p

If I could only have such long legs..

Bet you're feeling inspired now huh. Didn't have to go all the way to Topshop after all, Topshop style comes to you.. ;)

Here's what I got in the goodie bag and my pics at the wall. The bag is made out of Fairtrade Organic Cotton, it's kinda cute.

Lazy to scan pics.. I opted to take a picture of my pictures..

It was a fun way to spend the evening. Especially when there's cupcakes & donuts around :)..

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  1. wow nice.. u r topshop member? and u already have long lengs! any longer i might need to look up to u.. literally ahha..

    sounds fun! ^___^ glamourous

  2. i want mile long legs.. its not fair.. lol!

    leggings would look soo much nicer with long legs too.. *sigh*


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