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Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

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A new addition to Lancome's selection of mascaras, the long awaited Hypnose Doll Eyes. Inspired by every young girl's dream to have separated, think, long, "nylon-shine" lashes, true doll lashes! It's innovative wand and all-new formula promise to make eyes look wide open up to 35% to achieve that "doll-lash look".

What really gives you that "doll-lash look" is the i-conical brush that took 7 years to perfect and is protected by a trio of patents. The brush tip is very different from the usual masacara brushes. Made from nylon with a conical brush tip enables it to capture every lash even the shortest corner-of-the-eyes ones. The idea is to sculpt and lengthen, creating a defined and perfectly separated lash fringe. It volumises without weighing down lashes, accompanied by uniform spinning and smooth, luxurious application, for a genuine “false doll-lash effect”.

The latest "Fiber Shine" formula is enriched with nylon powders to adorn lashes with a subtle sheen. It combines supple wax to build volume and hard wax to fix lash curvature. The "lash extension" effect comes from the "Ultrastretch" complex formulated around lengthening polymers. This mascara is smudge proof.

The review

Oh the brush! The 7 years Lancome spent on coming up with the conical brush shape hasn't gone to waste. It fits into my tiny eye space like a dream and I didn't even have to strain to widen my eyes. The bristles are short and dense making it so easy to coat each lash from root to tip. It captures the lashes at the corner with such ease. I finally found a mascara brush that can reach those lashes at the corner of my eyes! Yayy! The formula is smooth and glides onto the lashes without clumping. You might find that some product ends up at the tip but that can be easily swiped off at the rim of the tube.

Before I go on telling you guys what happens after I apply it, just to let you know I didn't curl my lashes nor did I use a mascara base before application. So here we go, with the first coat I noticed that my lashes looked visibly longer and fuller. My eyes instantly looked more open.

Naked Lashes

1 coat of Doll Eyes

Upon applying the second coat my lashes look even longer, fuller and the curl is more defined. I'm amazed at how big my eyes look. It really opens up my eyes. It's as if have falsies on. The best part is even after two coats my lashes don't feel stiff and heavy, they still feel natural and looks naturally long and thick. I also noticed a slight sheen.

2 coats of Doll Eyes

To complete the Dolly Look, I applied  mascara to my bottom lashes (as photo above) which was also a breeze. When applying to the bottom lashes, hold the wand vertically and apply with the tip. That gives you that dolly 'V' look which looks so pretty.

The longest I had Doll Eyes Mascara on was for 10 hours. Apart from my eyes looking tired which I only have myself to blame, I did not experience any product fall out or smudging. It looked like it did when I applied it in the morning. Removing it is really easy. I use my usual eye makeup remover and it slides off almost instantly. However this depends on how many coats you put on. I experienced no lash fall out while removing.

Doll Eyes comes in an ever chic black tube designed with curves and adorned with roses which gives it that feminine touch. Lurv how Lancome paid attention to that tiny detail. The pleasant surprise was the scent when I opened the tube. It was a whiff of soft floral which I rather like. But if you are one you doesn't really fancy scented mascaras then you might have a bit of a problem with this one.

Overall I feel Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara delivered the "doll-lash" look on my lashes brilliantly well. Was never really one for falsies because I found it such a bother trying to put it on. Now I'm not even going to try. This one is a definite must have!

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara retails at RM95 and is now available at Lancome counters.

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