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Alicia Keys Live In Malaysia 2013 - Set The World On Fire Tour

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OMG!! It was beyond amazing!! I only have Kiehl's Malaysia to thank you for the special invite to the Alicia Keys Live In Malaysia 2013 - Set The World On Fire Concert Tour. I was going to go anyways until I got the invite from Kiehl's which made it even more awesome. The friends I was suppose to go with are not talking to me at the moment but they'll come around.. soon hopefully. Lol! There was no faulting anything. The sound system was perfect. Alicia Key's voice filled the stadium so clearly. Did I mention she's so damn hott! I mean she's like gorgeous. Wow!! Fantastic evening!!

with invited media
photo from Kiehl's Malaysia instagram @mykiehls

If you guys follow my concert posts, there are always videos. I do not disappoint. There are videos and I will post them up here as soon as they are uploaded in stages within the next day or two (It's the annoying internet connection I tell you!). Be sure to check out my youtube channnel too (Click here)!

If you're wondering what Kiehl's has to do with Alicia Keys, well Kiehl’s will be partnering with Alicia Keys and the Save A Child foundation she co-founded to raise funds for treatment, care and support for children and families affected by HIV. For this, Kiehl’s will be raising funds through the special edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate in January 2014, whereby 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle will be donated to the foundation. I'll talk more about this in a separate post. :)

Thank you so much Kiehl's Malaysia! You guys just made my year that much more amazing! 

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