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On My Face: November Bronze

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Finally manage to post this up after almost a week of absolute rubbish internet connection. Technical issues apparently according to the internet techs.

Autumn is always about the browns. So I figured why not go bronzey on the eyes and cheeks. Since "Autumn" here is partly shiny with bouts of shower anyways, a bronzer is perfect. What am I saying.. a bronzer is always perfect over here! I love that the bronzer I used for this look is more of a red-brown shade. It warms up the look a lot more. And that dark brown in the eye palette, is a nice stand out.

Eyes - Clinique All About Eyes Primer, The Body Shop Smoky Copper Palette*, Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eye Liner, Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Mascara

Cheeks - Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer (Gold Princess)

Lips - Kiehl's Berry 1851 Lipgloss*

*Products courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia and Kiehl's Malaysia respectively.

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  1. this is absolutely one of my favourite look! It's simple yet effortlessly gives you a healthy glow and fresh appearance ^_^

  2. Wow!i love your mascara.nice blog u have and im following visit my humble blog and leave some comment

  3. love the eyeshadow palette and the look you've created!!is it new from the body shop?


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