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Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss Review

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Get super glossy lips for Summer with these new Urban Decay Revolution High-Colour Lipgloss. And I mean crazy glossy. Described as being high-coverage, ultra-pigmented, the formula lays down all the colour you crave in one coat. The Pigment Infusion System gives the formula its super creamy texture, high pigmentation and super colour dispersion. It's also laced with Hilurlip, which defines and hydrate lips while making them look plumper and fuller.

It comes in 14 lust-worthy shades in cream and sparkle textures. Colour ranges from nudes, bold brights and deep, dark shades. There is just no being coy about the colours. It's statement max. My picks are Apocalypse a deep purple and Brickhouse a dark brick red. Those two shades look amazing.

wearing Apocalypse

The applicator is not your usual flat slightly roundish doe foot though, it is described as a plush flocked silicone paddle that is suppose to provide control while laying down a generous amount in just one coat. I found that it's a bit sharper at the tip making the gloss accumulate a bit more towards the lip line and gave out too much product especially since I don't have big plump lips. When there's too much product getting a controlled application is tough. Using the applicator on it's own I get a thick outline which doesn't exactly look all too neat. So I end up using a lip brush to get a more even application. Given that you get all that colour in just one swipe but some colours tried out can get streaky, so again the lip brush comes in. The makeup artist who helped me out at the bloggers session also used a lip brush on me by the way.

The texture is thick and it's not exactly comfortable upon application because it feels goopy and sticky. But once it sets it feels a bit better but still tacky and there was transfer. I feel that there's actually stuff on my lips. The bold bright and deep dark shades do leave a stain and settles into lines when the stickiness goes off after eating/drinking. If it's the deep shades that's not very flattering. It is suggested that you use the new Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil to make the gloss last longer and prevent feathering. It does help to make the gloss stay in place a tad longer but it eventually still goes off after eating/drinking, and leaves a colour stain without settling much into the lines. But with the primer pencil, removing the stain is easier. 

Don't get me wrong, the lipgloss looks fantastic in photos. It gives you those juicy plump lips you see on a magazine cover and all but I'm finding it a to be on the thick and sticky side for everyday use. For photos only I reckon.

The packaging is something I have always thought  a gloss should be, a flat tube that fits into the pocket snugly sans a spherical bulge and it doesn't toll off the table. It is modeled after a vintage cult Urban Decay lipgloss, with facets added on and a highly metallised gunmetal cap reminiscent of the Revolution Lipstick case (review here).

Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lipgloss retails at  RM85 (5.1ml) and is available at all Sephora outlets.

*Products courtesy of Urban Decay Malaysia.

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