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Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum With Willowherb

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Origins has created an antidote for skin's quarter life crisis, it's the Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum. The 20's is when the skin goes into the next stage. It's either you are growing out of that awkward acne-filled teenage years and your skin is starting to look better or you notice certain changes in your skin when it comes to texture, pore size, skin tone and even skin type. It's also the time when start looking for a suitable skin care routine. Including five different types of serums may not exactly be feasible. So finding one for a twenty-something skin that is able to give you that all-round improve is the best option, unless of course you are looking for something more targeted.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb is designed to specifically target quarter-life skin concerns by refining texture, enhancing radiance and glow, shrink pores, blur imperfections and restoring overall quality for glowing and smooth skin.

>> Refines Skin's Texture and Minimises Pores. Chestnut Seed Extract is known for its skin refining properties, a renewal complex helps boosts skin cell turnover and eliminates roughness, counteracts flakiness and improves overall texture. Nutrient rich algae extract, Laminaria Saccharina helps balances skin's sebum production to tighten and shrink the appearance of pores, making them appear smaller.
>> Restores Radiance and Rebounds from Stress. The potent extract Canadian Willowherb helps restores skin's clarity and luminosity to help recreate original glowing skin. Anti-irritant, Persian Silk Tree, works in tandem to help keep skin at peak health.
>> Visibly Blurs Skin. A blend of optics immediately corrects dullness and visibly softens the appearance of pores and imperfections giving skin flawless finish.
 The texture is really light. Most serums for me are a pm thing because I find that it's a tad thick to use during the day. But this one is really light. It works amazingly well under foundation without interfering with the texture or colour. Over the past two weeks it has gradually evened out my skin tone which perpetually requires evening out and it has also tighten my pores slightly giving me that smooth complexion look. My skin has been feeling soft as well. It has a nice pleasant scent which is a floral and citrus essential oil blend including notes of soft rose, grapefruit and amyris. It doesn't linger and goes off once applied.

For what it offers, the texture and results, this Original Skin Renewal Serum is one that is great if your skin is going through a quarterlife crisis. Eventhough I am at that anti-aging stage, I still found that this serum works as it is intended to. A good multi-dimensional one-step serum to sort out those twenty-something skin issues.
Origins Original Skin retails at RM170 (30ml) and is available at all Origins stores starting August.

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 * Product courtesy of Origins Malaysia.


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