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Redken Frizz Dismiss Pamper Session

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Frizz happens, dimiss it. Catchy tagline. I like it. Did it dismiss my frizz? Breaking it down, so read on. I attended a pamper session at the newly opened Atmosphere Salon at Atria Shopping Centre some time last month. Redken Frizz Dismiss is a new range targeted at controlling frizz on all hair types and in al humidity. It offers the first ever Frizz Protection  (FPF) - 3 levels of smoothing and humidity protection that address all frizzy hair types, from fine to coarse and unruly.

The collection includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and what I found intriguing was three types of FPF treatment meant for different hair types. FPF 20 Smooth Force is a lightweight smoothing lotion spray, FPF 30 Instant Deflate is a leave in smoothing oil serum and FPF 40 Rebel Tame leave-in smoothing control cream. Frizz Dismiss offers a sulphate-free cleansing system, leave in treatments with heat protection (230C/446F) and is safe for chemically straightened hair. It helps to protect hair from frizz caused by humidity in extremely humid conditions (up to 85%) when used with Frizz Dismiss shampoo and conditioner.

Frizz Dismiss exclusive Humidity-Resist Complex contains Brazilian Pracaxi Oil and Aquatoril to provide smoothness and help protect hair from humidity. Aquatoril is an ingredient commonly used in skincare and is known for delivering and retaining moisture to the hair to help repel humidity to aid in getting smoother hair. While Brazilian Pracaxi Oil, made from Pracaxi Seed, is known for strengthening the hair fiber and reducing volume caused by frizz for smooth and shinier hair. It also helps to repel humidity.

I generally have a love-hate relationship with products promising frizz free hair because more often than not I find that products that are not intended for said purpose seem to work better for what I am trying to achieve with my hair ie manageable, with natural curls still hanging around but not weighed down.
After the shampoo, conditioner and mask, my hair felt manageable and less tangeled. As it was an in salon session, the hairstylist used the steampod to seal in the mask into my hair strands. This step was suppose to ensure the anti-frizz ingredients got locked in. After washing off the mask, the hairstylist chose to apply FPF 30 Instant Deflate as he thought it was best suited for my medium/coarse hair type. The oil serum texture is light and easily absorbed without feeling sticky or heavy. I actually prefer oil serums and hair oils in general anything heavier weighs down my hair too much. It then came down to styling my hair, I wanted a normal blow dry because I didn't fancy flat straight hair using the steampod but the hairstylists opted for a different way of drying my hair.

My hair was twisted into small section with the back of the comb which took forever. When it finish, it looked like those doll hair. It was then dried with a diffuser. My hair was only half dry, meaning only dry on the outside so it still appeared smooth root to tip by the time I left. It did however looked weighed down, partly because of the twirled style I think. The thing with my hair is, it looks great when it's half dry, the true test for any product used is when it's fully dried. Within the 45 minutes or so my hair continued to naturally dry and within that time, the frizzies started to appear from root to tip. Most of the twirled curl though was still holding shape. By the time it was completely dry, I was a mess of a twirled frizz ball. Given that it perhaps tamed the frizz by maybe 30 percent, it didn't really didn't do much else.

I tried the products at home for the next few washes but unfortunately it didn't really suited what I wanted to d with my hair. It still only tamed down the frizz by about 30 percent when I let it dry naturally and athough it made blow drying and styling a bit easier, my hair was rather flat and straight most of the time. The roots were just weighed down. Maybe it's just my hair being a pain but I think my current products are doing a better job at keeping my hair manageable (read here).
Don't let this review stop you though from trying out this range if you have been looking for an anti-frizz range. Like I mentioned, it could just be my hair that's being a problem.
Redken Frizz Dismiss is available at all Redken Salons.

*Products and pamper session courtesy of Redken Malaysia.


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