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Summer 2016 At The Body Shop - Piñita Colada, Polynesian Island Tiaré and Skin Defence

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The Body Shop sure knows how to kick start Summer! With a new special edition body care range, a new fragrance range and the first ever sun block, they thought of it all. So I was at the newly opened The Body Shop KLCC yesterday to check out all these new Summer releases, ok so I already tried them out last week but it was like a small session thing yesterday, and I was excited, impressed and felt like going on a Caribbean holiday right after.

The Body Shop store at KLCC moved from it's previous spot to this new one and the store looks amazing, it's more open and welcoming. They wanted to bring back more of nature into the store so you will see a lot of greens as well as the many natural ingredients they use in the amazing products on display. The other new change I noticed is that they have fitted to tv screens  which basically plays tutorial videos by The Body Shop makeup expert so you get to see how a look comes together. Thumbs up for this one, love watching tutorials.

If you guys haven't checked out the new Summer body care range, well you have to! The Special Edition Piñita Colada range smells amazing, sans rum so you can go wild without getting into trouble. I had a hand massage done with the Piñita Colada body butter and I swear I smelled like pineapple upside down cake, plus piña colada, plus tropical holiday. The scent is milky and calming, if you love the smell of pineapples and coconuts it's crazy delicious. Hand-harvested from the Antilles region of the Caribbean, where coconuts reign supreme, while those juicy pineapples are handpicked for freshness in  the Santo-Domingo area.

Here's a fun fact (courtesy of The Body Shop), because I just had to: Caribbean Indians  traditionally put pineapple crowns outside their homes  as a symbol of love.  What’s not to love?

From the Piñita Colada range, there is the Body Butter which has a rich creamy texture and is amazing at keeping the body well moisturised, Body Sorbet with it's lightweight texture is perfect for hot summer days, the soap-free and lather-rich Shower Gel reminds you that you should be on a beach somewhere like right now, and the Body Scrub is something else, it is blended with real shredded coconuts, now if that isn't exotic enough I don't know what is, it gently exfoliates leaving the skin soft and smooth. The Piñita Colada Body Butter and Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub contain The Body Shop Community Trade organic soya oil from their supplier, Gebana, located in Capanema, Brazil, who is against deforestation.

The new fragrance keeps in theme with all things tropical, introducing the Polynesian Island Tiaré. It smells beautiful! The Polynesian Island Tiaré eau de toilette is practically 'Sunshine in a Bottle'. The luminous blossoms of tiaré have been used by generations of Polynesian women to adorn their hair and perfume their sun kissed skin. At the top, a sparkling dash of juicy orange enhances the warm solar accents of a bouquet of sun-loving flowers – exotic Polynesian Tiaré blossoms, frangipani blossom and ylang-ylang at heart, warmed with a sensuous blend of creamy coconut and addictive vanilla for a luscious island scent. It's light and fresh, great for Summer and perfect for layering with the other products from the Polynesian Island Tiaré range. If a warm yet light floral scent is more your things, this range comes with a fragrance mist, body butter, body lotion and shower gel. The Polynesian Island Tiaré eau de toilette is enriched with The Body Shop Community Trade Alcohol from Brazil made from sugar cane.

A huge release from The Body Shop this year is the Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF50. This is the first ever sun protection from The Body Shop and I'm excited for it. It is a milk-to-water essence with broad spectrum UV filters, brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C, to help protect skin against multiple skin aggressors, while providing utmost comfort. As you guys are reading this, the Skin Defence is on my face right now and I have to say I am impressed with the texture, it's so light! I will do a separate post on it so stay tuned.

The limited edition Piñita Colada body care range, Polynesian Island Tiaré fragrance range and Skin Defence are all available in stores and also at Best to drop by your nearest store for a fabulous sensorial experience!

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