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My Simple Pic In Cleo!

By 19:16 ,

Quick get Cleo magazine July issue!! I make an appearance in it! Even if I'm not in it you're gonna buy it anywayz.. lol!

Since you are, turn to Page 110 for the Simple Special and you'll see a small pic of me there. Not complaining, just phreaking excited! There's also a pic of Alicia Keys on the same page! Soo cool!

This is from the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes contest I entered on the Simple Skincare facebook a few months back. The RM220 worth of Simple products arrived about 1 week ago. It's in my 'A Simple Parcel' post.

Me promoting Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes:

If you haven't already tried these wipes, go out and get a pack. It's gentle, effective and I'm simply lurving it!

"Simple is UK's No.1 wipes. Created to suit all skin types. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes are the perfect product for effective cleansing at the end of everyday."

Thanks loads again Simple!! ^_^

* Yeah I know I've already posted this up on my fb on Sunday @ 1:54 am (lol!) but since stuff like this doesn't happen too often, it has to go on my blog as well. ;p

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  1. lovely pic of you have not grab the mag yet :(

  2. i got a copy already.. hehe..

  3. sherry: thanx sherry :) get a copy soon..

  4. jean: quickly frame my pic!! lol!!

  5. glamorous!!

  6. wow that is awesome!!!!! i got a famous friend!!!!

    ive used those wipes before n i love it! ive got tons of it coz my aunt used to work in simple last time

    xoxo elle

  7. frame pulak,

    perasan betul :-) :-)

  8. Anonymous: no la, not so glamorous.. just a small pic only.. :)

  9. thanx elle! :)

    & lucky you, if only she was still there;)..

  10. Pigita: Once in a while perasan.. not always.. lol!!!


Appreciate your comments >_<