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Baviphat @ Parkson

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Baviphat - The first thing I noticed was a huge sexy pic of Beyoncé promoting this Korean brand. FT Island, Korean Idol singer group is also their spokesperson/group. Their Parkson Sungei Wang and Pavilion counters opened about 2 weeks ago.

Photo source : Baviphat Facebook

The SA explained to me about the brand, which uses a lot of natural fruit ingredients in their products. The skincare can be found sitting in various sized containers shaped as peppers, paprika, mango, strawberry, apple, peach, lemon and few others I can't remember. They also have a make up range which I didn't have time to look at, next visit maybe.

Photo source : Baviphat Facebook

They're star products are the Mango Brightening Mask (skin purification + oxygen bubbles + brightening) RM49.90 and Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel (exfoliation + pore care + brightening) RM49.90. The first thing I noticed is that they both smelled yummy when the SA tried on my hand.

My eyes wandered to the Apple Jelly Lip Scrub next to me and was rather curious. My last lip scrub was the Bodyshop's Lip Scuff. So since I wasn't really looking for a face scrub or a mask I opted to get the lip scrub which I don't see often, at least one that's cheap.

Apple Jelly Lip Scrub - RM19.90
Gently exfoliates your lips and helps removes dead skin cells leaving your lips smooth and glowy fresh.

(I ate the apple after this pic.. lol!)

I must admit, I couldn't resist the cute lil green apple container. Even the scrub looks pretty. Reddish pink in colour, with a mixture of fine and coarse red grainy bits. And it smelled sooo appley yummmy! Not advisable to taste it though.

See the grainy bits

Use a small amount and apply it on your lips. Massage gently in circular motion over lips for about 30 seconds or less or until you finger gets tired (lol!) then rinse off. 

Apply lip balm after. It will stick to your lips and seal in moisture loads better. Use 1-2 times a week.

FatiN's verdict : *Mmwaahkkss*
My lips feels fresh and looks brighter! I'm liking this lip scrub!  

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Samples for Peach All-in-one Peeling Gel & BB Magic Girls

Baviphat also has a member point card with any purchase. So ask about it if you decide to get anything from there. They also give out samples for certain products. :)

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  1. dang.

    i always end up wanting to go buy something after reading your reviews.

    now i have to go get the mango scrub.


  2. kit ask if they have samples first.. but i did see a difference on my hand after her demo.. it did look brighter..

    then again RM49.90 is quite good price.. & it smells yummy.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<