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Me @ Dentyne ConfiDance in Harian Metro!

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Seriously don't ask me how things like this happen. It just does, unintentionally. Remember the Dentyne ConfiDance Workshop I wrote about last week. Well Harian Metro also did a write up on it in their Saturday 26/6 issue. And guess what.. There's a huge pic of me in it!!

I was stretching okie.. lol!

Caption by Harian Metro for the pic:
"BELAJAR...sebahagian peserta rata-rata remaja perempuan tekun memberi tumpuan ketika bengkel tarian." Does this mean i can still pass off as a "REMAJA"?? Omg!!

Strange.. shouldn't there have been a pics of people they interviewed. Not complaining.. Lol!

To read the article, click here.

Thanx Harian Metro for the pic! Perhaps there'll be more in the future? ;p

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  1. lol u look cute! tat's y they pick this picture!!!!

  2. cute enough to pass off as "remaja"? lol!!

  3. reow reow :-)

  4. wow.. that don't look like u fatin.. u sure look weird in that position and pretty too!!!

  5. in other words i look pretty wierd!! lol.. it's such a strange angle..

  6. only the girl behind u noticed the photographer. everybody else was into the stretching

  7. there's always a vain pot around.. :P


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