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"Like" Me Please! - Estee Lauder Beautiful Earth Bag Contest

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I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Estee Lauder Beautiful Earth Bag campaign by now. It's where you buy a Beautiful Earth Bag for RM25, Estee Lauder will plant a mangrove tree on your behalf to preserve our Mangrove Trees. It's a colourful eco bag, very rare! Pretty too! If you haven't gotten one yet, go get one. It's a great start to help save the environment.

About 2 weeks back Miu and I went on a posing spree with the Beautiful Earth Bag for the contest. At least I thought I was just gonna take her pictures. Ended up she made me pose with my bag too. To read about our ridiculous adventure at the KLCC Park with killer red ants, security guards chasing after us and us "being one with nature" read Miu's post, she tells the story really well. Lol!

Anyway, the pictures we took turned out really well and mine wasn't exactly meant for the contest. But in Miu's words if didn't enter the contest, "Dun make me slap u". I was laughing hysterically at this!

So Miu & I decided to enter my pic that looks like I'm in deep admiration of the Beautiful Earth Bag. The last pic that we took before deciding to call it a day.

My Pic for the Contest
The Beautiful Earth Bag & I are being one with nature.
You can't get any greener than this. :)

Here's where you guys come in, if you like the pic Miu took of me, please "Like" me.

Step 1:

Step 2:
Go to my pic for Week 4 and click "Like". :)

Help me Save the Earth "for me and for you and the entire human race" (in Michael Jackson's words). Click "LIKE"! And I'll "like" you back anytime you need me! ^_^

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  1. sudahhhh like!!

    cantik siot this picture.

    abis kembang la ur photographer huhuhhuhu.

  2. photographer kembang gilerrr! Lol

    thanx kit! really really appreaciate it.. *hugzzz*


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