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I'm WOW-ed!!

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What's white, cottony soft & plugs your leak every month?

It's nothing obscene okay! Lol! It's your trusted sanitary napkin aka "The Pad"! KOTEX had come up with something you would never have expected. Pads with colourful designs! Yeah I'm serious..

Even the tagline reflects pretty-ness

I was like, " Woww! Cool!". It does exactly the same thing just with preetie designs on it. Now you can admire "The Pad" when you rip it open form the packaging. Then go, "Aww.. isn't that cute!".

The New KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads comes in 6 gorgeous designs, from names like a sweet 'girl-next-door' feel to a somewhat 'indie chic look. These are influenced by contemporary fashion.

If you think Ultrathin is not enough for your "flow" think again. Its Micro Max 2 Technology provides for a super absorbant ultrathin core that provides maximum protection. Plus, it's cottony soft so you'll be comfortable while wearing it. I've tried and I can personally guarantee you it's comfie. *smiles*

And you don't have to hide your pads when you need to bring then to the loo anymore. This range comes in a unique reusable drawstring polybags that carry individual pouch wraps that match the design theme of the pads. You can parade them around if you want to.. :P Oh and they also come in a chic sleek tin that you can reuse.

I like the tin!!

You can already get the new KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads at Watson. I saw it at KLCC outlet last week. The price is very reasonable. If you're curious, you can get the pack of 6 for RM4.90 with 3 designs first.

The newly upgraded KOTEX LUXE Fusion Day pads (23cm) and KOTEX LUXE Night pads (32cm) retails at RM15.90 for packs of 20 & 14 respectively. Saw these at Watson KLCC too.

Now your "leaky days" just got brighter! Lol!

To learn more about Kotex products, click here.

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  1. love the pattern/designs on kotex lux especially when u put against the notepad!!!!!!!! makes me feel like wanna collect now!!!

  2. i dont even wanna use mine! i keep opening the look book to admire the pretty-ness! lol!!! sound insane!

  3. totally agree with ya jess! :)

  4. haha cute! so gimmicky la kotex... so sayang want to use.

  5. collectibles! don't use.. ;)


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