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TopMan Flagship Store Launch & TopShop Fall/Winter 2010

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Yeah this happened last week.. But I'm compensating my tardiness with loads of photos from Topshop & Topman Fall/Winter 2010 Collection!! Yippee!!

It was a launch plus fashion show for their latest collection at KLCC Concourse with yummy bites from Coffee Bean. Seriously, I couldn't stop eating the Brownies!! *drooling just thinking about it*

Topshop's Fall/Winter 2010 Collection ranges from Dark Nouveau, Into the Wild and The Outsiders, plus the Kate Moss collection. Dark Nouveau focuses on chainmail pieces, embellishments and studded detailing. It's sexily dark! Into the Wild wouldn't be complete without faux fur, prints, crochet and disheveled fabrics. The Outsiders screams all things British, fur collars, trims and button details adds a twist to plaid and tweed. The Kate Moss Collection is always one to look forward to. I heard that this season will be her last with this highstreet brand. Say it isn't so!! *sobss* This season can't get anymore vintage, it features soft chiffons, floral dresses, printed blouses and knitwear. I adore the chiffon pieces!! Absolutely gorgeous! 

My FAVE Look!! ♥ ♥ the top!!!

Topman finally has it's own store!! More shopping for the guys. Apart from the staple wool jackets, blazers and jumpers, camouflage prints & colours, oversized tees are a must this season. Nautical stripes and plaid adds variety for guys who are looking for something other than the usual solids.

I'm not sure if this look will work on any guy but the model sure made it look damn good!!

Seriously those bottoms on the left looks like jammies!

Party moves In Store! I've never seen Topshop packed with that much people before. Don't even get me started with the line for the fitting rooms and cashier. There's loads more accessories in store - shoes, bags, jewellery and hot water bottles!

Bags! *sigh*

Liking the off white flowery pair

Guessing I got the shoes?
Got some pretty tops instead thanx to Miss G's expert advice.. ;)

Aren't they just adorable!!! Reoww!!

Yeap hot water bottles.. *missing the seasons*

More Photos

With Ming
*thanx loads!! hugzz*

Adam C - Host for the Launch

With my fave outfit!! ♥

Lurving the "mysterious dark" look those models are sporting

I'm thinking if I should get more pretty stuff from Topshop.. Of course I should! Lol!

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  1. U look gorgeous babe! Your hair this length is very nice.

  2. so........ did you get any of those cute guy's number?


    i would've gotten the stuffed toy cat!! (benda2 lain harusla not in my size) hahahah.

  3. ~wow~
    love ur bLog dear...!!

  4. thanx lavender!! but i was just thinking of chopping it off.. :P

  5. kit: no i didn't get any of the guy's numbers.. i'd be such a sugar mummy!! hahaha

    that stuffed toy cat is soo adorable.. if i'm not mistaken it's to put pot pourri in it to make your cupboard or room smell nice..

  6. thanx so much for reading my blog Izz!!feel free to browse okie.. :)


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