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MiFW 2010 - Bumiputera Designers Association Gala

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The BDA Gala (Bumiputera Designers Association) @ Malaysia International Fashion Week, just keeps getting better every year. Just when I thought last year's showcase was brilliant, this year's was super fantastic!!

I was there to cheer on Nik Erwan Roseli! Much lurv!! But was a bit disappointed when I found out that Amir Luqman wasn't part of the BDA Gala this year.

This year's Gala had a 90's celebrity for its theme. The big names of the 90's were muses for the designers. They're still  looking good!

Host for the evening - Dino

Bon Zainal
Dubbed the Debonair Designer in mens' suits, he also introduced a few pieces of womens' suits that evening. The cut and silhouette of each piece was sophisticated and classic.

Hattan opened for Bon Zainal

Womens' suit never looked so sexy!

Was there a reason for the bare torso? :P

Amir Luqman for Bon Zainal!!
According to AL, BZ's suits are the only mens' suits he wears. And never leave home without the 6 inch bling heels! Super stylish!

Amir Luqman & Bon Zainal

Von Jolly Couture
This homegrown couture batik house displayed colourful, flirty and sexy pieces. Batik evening gowns have gone international!

Lurv the short dress with train design.. hot!!

Tini (L)
Thanuja (R) muse for Von Jolly Couture

5tars (5 Stars)
Is a clique of five UITM bred fashion designers. They've been friends since way back, supporting, encouraging & creating healthy competition. The formation of 5tars adds variety to Malaysian fashion industy and is an epitome of new generation  designers.

Zery Zamry
Touted as the next new fashion icon of Malaysia. Lurv the foxey headgear concept! It makes the designs stand out even more. Glamorous!

Rozita Che Wan muse for Zery Zamry

Nik Erwan Roseli
Quite a new name in the industry with so much flare and talent. Nik Erwan's collection was bold, different and exquisite!! The colours used were eye catching, the prints stunning and each individual piece was perfectly paired.

Lurv the colour

Laid back glamour

A Queen with spunk

Look at the skirt!! Super cute!!

Classic simplicity

Daring combination of prints that works!

Colours, beautiful! The jacket is so feminine chic.

♥ My fave!!! ♥
A simple top paired with a mermaid skirt
Effortlessly Fabulous

Deanna Yussof muse for Nik Erwan
♥ her dress too!

Hatta Dolmat
With "Princesa" (Spanish for Princess) as the theme, he drew inspiration from outfits worn by the late Princess Diana. Pieces from this collection are bound to make you feel regal.

Purple!! Lurv the colour!
Lurv the flower detailing, especially down the back.

Erra Fazira muse for Hatta Dolmat

Rizman Ruzaini
Nothing screams Glamour more than 1940's Hollywood. ♥ the lace and frills. Soo Movie Starr!

Azura (L) for Rizman Ruzaini

Seriously lurv the black dress (L)!!
I want one of those!

Ziana Zain muse for Rizman Ruzaini

Hazwani Osman
His collection instilles a delicate sense of feminism. Charming!

Sofea Jane muse for Hazwani Osman

The red dress is so flirty!

The white dress on Tini (L) has a lovely silhouette

The 5 Stars & Their Muses

Kanchana Thalpawila
An established Sri Lankan designer also showcased her collection which was inspired by Fire.

The striped dress (L) really makes a statement

Lurving the neckline on the long dress

Sharifah Kirana
One of the top fashion designers in Malaysia. Amongst one of the few Malaysian designers whose designs have made its way to Harrods, London. Kirana showcased 32 pieces that evening! With beautiful designs and style it was wonderful to watch.

The young ones also spoilt for choice


BDA Designer of the Year : Hatta Dolmat
With Mahani Awang ,President of BDA (3rd from right)

Best Dressed Male wearing Bon Zainal
Best Dressed Female - Ooi Ling (Model) in Von Jolly Couture

Performances By

Accomplished Indonesian Violinist - Tengku Ryo

Dazzled the crowd with her awesome voice!

Camera Happy Me!

With the brilliant Nik Erwan Roseli

With Thanuja Ananthan - Miss Malaysia World 2009

With Aaron George of Von Jolly Couture

My outfit for the evening :)
Thanx to Skye for my bouncey miss world-like hair. Lurv it!!

What else would I be doing before & after the Gala.. :P

Amazing Gala!! I had loads of fun! Can't wait for next year! *smiles eagerly*

Next up: Roxy!! You guys will like this one! *winks*

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