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Get the Perfect Angle with Golden Ratio

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1.618! Say what?? It's a ratio used in math & the arts. When it comes to beauty, it's considered the "perfect ratio" for a human face. Divine proportion yaww!! Sounds soo god-like!

Mr. Kim of Etude House Korea

*feat. Cindy's hand.. lol*
The mask is a guideline of what a face ratio is suppose to be
Audrey Hepburn is the perfect example of an oval ratio face shape

Model : Angie
Already prepped with skincare, primer & foundation

The Golden Ratio range is all about enhancing natural features & beauty of every woman. You can achieve this by contour make up - shading and highlighting. But I usually just leave this step out coz it's either time consuming or I don't know how to do it right. But guess what? Etude House may have just made it easy!

Lurv the whole train-stand thing!

Here's Etude House's guideline on how to get the Fall/Winter look: To create depth to eye contour blend a natural earth tone eyeshadow on lids, fill up lashes with full lash coverage to create three-dimensional effect, then pat sheer cream blusher on to your cheeks to highlight the glam point on your face contour & finish with a nude lipstick.

To have a flawless Golden Ratio look, you gotta do your prepping right. Etude House has skincare products to suit various skin concerns. Moistful Collagen for smooth & youthful complexion, Dr. Oil Solution to regulate oil and balance skin and Pure Joy for dry & sensitive skin.

Golden Ratio Face Glam has the perfect combination of dual liquid & cream highlighters to create a sculpted contour make up base. The cream highlighter works great as an eye base before applying eye make up. All you need to do is blend a small amount from the outer corner inwards. To further accentuate your features just use the liquid highlighter on your T & C zones, cheekbones & eyes for pearl-like lustre. You might want to go easy on this if you have oily skin. The wrong type of shine will just look off, if you get what I mean. *winks*

Miss Choy of Etude House Korea applies the Face Glam in Pink

After that the Golden Ratio Contour make up comes in. It's formulated with Sebum Control Powder and Coating Pigment to make sure your foundation stays put and shine free (that's what the sebum control powder is suppose to do). While the multi pearly highlights adds just the right amount of colour to your cheeks. The result is a perfectly blended, mirror-like effect with lustre.

Highlighter + Blusher + Shading = Sculpted Contour Make Up

For kissable lips add on LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss. Make sure to check out the LUCIDarling range coz they've got more great products there.

Apply concealer for coverage, that way a nude colour will stand out more
Mix gloss & lipstick together for a soft colour

Dark theatrical eyes are a must for contour makeup for fall/winter. Golden Ratio Tear Drop creates depth to the eye contour. It comes in natural gold, brown and grey. The Loose Pearly Powder creates a solid smokey eye with light-diffusing effect which lasts through out the day.

Line the brows and use a tinted brow mascara for definition

Ms Choy went with the browns on Angie

Liner & Mascara are a must

Perfect brown gradation!!

The finished look! Very soft, natural yet defined.

LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in Golden Brown
Swatched to see how it'd come out on medium skin tone

I like the colours for the Golden Ratio range. As for the contouring bit, I'll attempt but not sure how it'll turn out. I  might end up looking a bit too harsh. *needs practise.. frowns*

Now Available at Etude House Counters & Outlets

Golden Ration Tear Drop - RM29.90, Golden Ration Face Glam - RM49.90, Golden Ration Contour Maker - RM49.90, LuciDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes - RM42.90, LuciDarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss - RM29.90.

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  1. I like Angie! She is my favorite contestant in previous I wanna be a Model!
    Din get to stay till the event end but I have to say they are so generous!! I love the makeup set I got!!! Finally I won an earth tone palette! (I hope I will start using it!!=p)

  2. Angie is really nice!

    Agree with you, EH very generous! I started using the Face Glam in Gold.. Mixed it with my foundation.. It gave me a glow-y look! Lurv it! The others I wont use yet, admire first.. ;)


Appreciate your comments >_<