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I found Valrhona Choccies!!

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Noticed how some chocolate desserts taste absolutely gorgeous. It may well be Valrhona! Used by World Class hotels and the finest restaurants in divine chocolate desserts the world over, Valrhona chocolate used to only be available in Malaysia from

But guess what?! Bangsar Village Grocers has brought in Valrhona!!

70 gram per bar for RM20.90

90 grams = 18 squares for RM44.90
Comes in a slim tin container

If you're still wondering what I'm going on about, Valrhona is a French chocolate Manufacturer focusing on high-grade luxury chocolate either for professional use or personal cosumption. It has been around since 1922. Valrhona is about the same price as Godiva & Neuhaus.

The type of cocoa beans used vary, giving it different flavours. The cocoa ranges from 40% to 80%. Simply heavenly for Dark Chocolate Lovers!!

You didn't think I'd just tell you this without bringing some home with me did you.. *winks*


100% Pure Dominican Republic. Born from very old plantation in the Domincan Republic, Tainori gradually reveals hints of yellow fruits followed by lingering nutty notes over a backdrop of cocoa and freshly-baked bread.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Min 64%), Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Vanilla

Uniquely cut bar

It may look like any other dark chocolate but trust me, it tastes absolutely delightful. It has a wonderful fruity taste! Though described as intense, I'm thinking more along the lines of strong. It's enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings. *big smiles*
Wanna know more about Valrhona? Go to

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  1. Thanks for ur recommendation fatin!!
    Im goin to grab this for my Xmas!

  2. did ur cow enjoy the chocs? :-)

  3. Kenby: Hope you enjoy the chocolates!! :)

  4. Anonymous: Hmm.. I'm not sure, I'll ask him.. Lol!

  5. Fatin, just wondering. Ada certificate halal tak coklat ni.

  6. halo! :)
    there's no "halal" certification on this choc.. but it does not contain alcohol..
    the ingredients are: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract.
    i cannot confirm if it is made in an alcohol free environment..
    hope this helps.. :)

  7. Do they have the cocoa powder? Thanks.

  8. hi shakirah :)
    when i bought the bars, i didn't see the cocoa powder.. i don't think they have it.. currently they don't have the bars either.. seasonal stuff i suppose.. but if i do see the cocoa powder, i'll definitely post it up..

  9. oh thanks for the info :)

  10. labuan has them for rm12 for the 70gm pcking

  11. wow thats cheap!! lucky you!!


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