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Paella, Black Flowers and My Bangs

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I realised I'm coming down with a cold when I found it difficult to wake up this morning. Now that's a bit crappy especially since it's a Saturday. But I dragged myself out of bed coz I had errands to run.

My difficult decision of the day: Should I let my bangs down? Its been 2 weeks since I said yes to bangs. Regretting it now. Looking at it and hoping it grows out abnormally fast has been irritatingly painful. I came to the conclusion that I can't rock bangs! Ignoring the choppiness of it, I tied up my hair and decided to pretend it wasn't there for the rest of the day. *Missing my usual fringe.. sob*

After getting everything sorted, I decided to go for an early lunch. Hmm.. felt like having something good. Settled on Cafe Vienna at Lot 10. Needless to say greed got the better of me. (Read my review for other Cafe Vienna dishes here.)

Seafood Paella - RM38
Mixed seafood sautéd with onion, garlic, capsicum, tomato, green peas, saffron, paprika, chicken wings, fish stock, and Spanish rice.

This was a lovely dish. The Spanish rice was perfectly cooked and they were generous with the ingredients. The only minor fault would be that it was a tad bit under seasoned.

Chocolate Cake - RM13.80
Chocolate molten cake served with vanilla ice cream.

Pretty presentation! And the cake.. ooh the cake.. baked to perfection! So light. As the spoon split the middle of the cake, the chocolate came oozing out. Such a beautiful sight. *it looked 100 times better than my bangs.. lol!* The raspberry sauce, sprinkling of ground almonds and icing sugar made for a wonderful compliment. Try this!!

Help.. Can't move!! Okie I eventually moved . As I walked through Isetan I spotted those Lancôme girls waiting by the escalator handing out something. It turned out to be lil black flowers and their Valentine's Day promotion for Lancôme Trésor In Love. Plus they are also having a Valentines Day contest. You guys like that don't you. *lol*

Valentines Day Promotion: Lancôme Trésor In Love EDP 30ml set for RM175 (NP:217)

You have to purchase any  Lancôme fragarance to be able to enter the contest.
Check out their facebook, details should be up soon.

Well that was the end of my Saturday afternoon. I got myself home and crawled back into bed. Crossing my fingers I don't get worse tomorrow and my bangs grow that bit longer..

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  1. u look chic with bangs!!! U definitely rock it babe! :)

  2. OOoo... The chocolate oozing out of the cake is just.. *slurp!* Btw, I don't think your bangs look bad.. In fact, I think they make you look younger =)


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