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Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss

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One reason why I usually avoid lipglosses is that I tend to eat them. By the time I finish munching on something, it's already rubbed off. No more colour or glossiness!

Here's me trying out Max Factor's Lipfinity Colour & Gloss to see if the colour really stays on. It's suppose to last for up to 10 hours without the color fading off or losing its depth.

It's a double tube connected with a double sided doe foot wand. One side the colour and the other side the gloss.

Step 1: Apply Colour
Step 2: Apply Gloss

The colour I have is Luminous Petal. The colour comes out quite intense on my lips and is easy to apply. Just wait a few seconds for it to dry then apply the gloss. The colour by itself has a matte finish. The gloss has fine shimmery bits and a really yummie vanilla sent that reminds me of a heavenly dessert. The texture is very light with a high shine impact. My lips look great and definitely kissable! *Now all I need is to smooch Milo Ventimiglia.. LOL!!*

To complete a very simple look (coz I wasn't really going anywhere.. :P), I applied the Max Faxtor False Lash Effect Mascara. Read review here.

6 hours later with teppanyaki, a packet of cheezles, cake and hot chocolate in between, the colour was still there. But I had to reapply the gloss after each munching session. The aim was to see if the colour stayed, and most of it did with only a tad bit going off from the teppanyaki session. Though I would say this is only a 6 hour test, since I wasn't out that long.

To fully remove the colour from your lips just use a makeup remover for long wearing or waterproof make up. Yeah, the colour really stays on especially if you apply a thick layer.

Lipfinity Colour and Gloss comes in 8 colours and retails for RM48.

*Tip: When I don't feel like having intense color, I just smudge the colour on with my finger. You have to do this fast though as the colour tends to dry almost instantly this way. And instead of using gloss I just apply a colourless lip balm for a more subtle effect.

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