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Ritter Sport Winter Kreation 2010/11

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What better way to start off 2011 with a CHOCOLATE post! Woohoo!! Every winter Ritter Sport comes up with a limited edition selection. Yeah I know this is way late but it just found its way to us. Took a while.. I found these at TANGS Pavilion, Mens Department (near the entrance). Of all the strangest places right.

Filled with orange marzipan!!!
What more can you ask for! I super  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ marzipan!! This is more perfect than you can ever imagine!! *drooling insanely, passing out..*

Filled with vanilla crème and little pieces of vanilla crescent biscuit.
Soo soo smooth and heavenly with a lil bit of crunchie yummieness!! *dreamy*

Nuss in Nugatcreme
Filled with hazelnut pieces and rice flakes in nougat creme.
The best of both, a lovely fusion!! ♥ haselnuss!

Don't wait too long, you gotta go get this!!
Retails at: RM9.90

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  1. God i want the vanilla and almond one!

  2. buy! buy! i'm buying somemore! muahahaha

  3. chocolate turtle4 January 2011 at 14:15

    i want!!!! i want!!!!

  4. liking your name chocolate turtle!! i'm guessing you're a chocolate phreak like me.. ;) then you have to get these!!

  5. argh. the vanilla and the nut one is calling my name. dammit.

  6. looks like sexy vanilla has lotsa fans! *lol*

    zyrin: i hear it too.. "Buy me.. Eat me.. I'm yummy!" *lol*


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