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Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control

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Now this is an interesting product for me to review. Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control thanks to I know what you're thinking, "What is boney chick doing with this product?". Well bare in mind that I am aging, so this could help firm some bits. *LOL* Okie that just sounds ridiculous coming from me. Since it's a sample size, I'll just describe to you what this product is about.

The Miracle-Lift quickly smoothes & firms skin. An extraordinary product for a slimmer, sleeker body shape. Provides an intensive firming & lifting action. Quenches skin with essential moisture to sustain balanced. The unique blend promotes a cooling sensation as it effectively diminishes the appearance of cellulite-prone areas. This is what the front part of the bottle says.

But when I turned to the back for further explanation, it was in Taiwainese!! Apart from the ingredients which were in English, I didn't understand a single word. Lol! Oh wait, there's tiny photos demonstrating on which parts of your body you should apply to as well as how to. This includes your legs, arms, tummy and your bum!

Okie lets get on with it, I've sqeeuzed it into my hand and here goes.. It has a light lotion-like texture. The smell is not that strong but is slightly minty almost analgesic (a type of cream/balm used to relief pain). It is rather cooling as I applied and massaged it onto my tummy. A few minutes later though, it started feeling a tad bit warm like I just applied an analgesic balm. Hmm.. what can I tell you about the effects? My skin feels soft for sure after application. Plus I've finished the whole bottle!

If anyone has tried this product, feel free to share the results okie. :)

Retail Price: RM148 for 250ml

Get it at:
SHILLS Concept Store
LG-06, Lower Ground Floor, (next to Guardian)
Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL.

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