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Bristol - Fish & Chips in Bath

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530 am! Seriously?! My body clock was still so messed up. First thing on the "To Do List" was courier home "The Bag". A bit of background - The Mifa Paris Contest Prize included a YSL Muse 2 bag *smiles bigger than ever*. Datuk Farah Khan a renowned style icon and the President and Founder of The Melium Group, presented it to me in Paris. Like wow!! Only problem was it came in a box that was almost as big as my luggage. So I decided to post it home instead of lugging it around in my luggage with little possiblity of packing choccies and shopping bits in it.

Datuk Farah Khan & My YSL Muse 2

Fabulously gorgeous!!
Thanx loads MIFA!! I'm lurving it to bits!! :)

Onwards to Bath. It was a quick trip coz Oni had to back in Bristol by 4 ish for work. So we walked around to see if anything had changed. Gave the Roman Baths a miss since I've already been in twice before.

Meet Oni, yeah the same one from the Lunch With a Tough Chick(en) post.. :P

Note the gloves..

Bath Cathedral

My tummy started to growl, hiss and everything in between. The cold winds really didn't help. Lunch! I was dying for fish & chips so we popped by All Bar One. Such a relief to be indoors. Why was it still so cold in March. 

Mine - Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas
I want more of this.. *sigh*

Oni's - Grilled Chicken Burger with Salsa bits

With tummy filled, we decided to check out The Guildhall Market. Great place to hunt for bits and bobs. It's actually been there since the 16th century which would make it about 800 years now. Found a lovely antique brooch for a steal!

How Elvis would have looked like is he were a lion

Cute aren't they..

Pretty brooches!

Walked around some more..

Really big Cath Kidston! But apparently the one on Park Street @ Bristol had more bags..

Oni's phone alarm rang, which meant we had to start heading back to the train station. While Oni headed off to work, I decided to see whats going on in Bristol City Centre. Loads of fun times with a wonderful group of friends back then!

Hmm.. looking a bit dead coz there's a new shopping place down the road. Didn't take much photos anymore that day coz I found myself in H&M and Boots!! *evil laugh*

I was promised a yummy breakfast the next day at a place like no other, Oni's fave hang out. Yeah I was curious .. :)

Read more on MIFa/GLAM Paris Photoshoot here.

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  1. Last time I was in bath I was 18!! Damn gotta go back... :)

  2. woahh.. kit thats way too long, its time for another visit.. ;)

  3. aw..looking at ur pics, i felt like i was there traveling wif ya ^^

    xoxo elle
    ps: oh yeah purple rox! so do u!

  4. thanx elle!! :) didn't want to over do it with the photo though.. :P


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