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Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ The Gardens

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It's really tough to convince my friends that FroYo is one of the yummiest things ever. It's all about the FroYo yo!!

I've walked passed Moo Cow @ The Gardens a few times since it opened mid May but never got around to trying it til last Saturday after the Clinique Star Tour 2011 at Mid Valley. (click)

Meet Mamalia the Cow on the wall. Cute illustrations!

A got long "Moooo.." from the cow that was standing by the store. I'm guessing thats "Hellooo" in Cow. :P With FroYo flavour isn't usually the problem, it's the toppings. But apart from the original flavour, Moo Cow introduces seasonal flavours quite often. So I had a choice of Original, Pink Jambu and Pat Poh (a herbal-ish flavour which taste quite good). I settled for Pink Jambu. Toppings? Chocolate syrup and double flavour choc chips!! *yummss* It's a really generous serving, enough to share.

I can't live without chocolates!

The coolest part about FroYo is that it has far less calories than ice cream!! Woohoo! Dessert without the guilt! I'm not into counting calories but I'm all for healthy stuff especially sweet ones. Moo Cow's FroYo is made from fresh yogurt & fresh milk, contains live ABT culture, low fat & sugar with high calcium & protein. Great for digestion!

Of all the Toppings I end up with this.. :P
Original: RM9.90 per serving
Seasonal: RM10.90 per serving
Topping: RM1 each

For the moment of truth.. Smooth and creamy! Unlike some other FroYos I've had, Moo Cow has a heavy texture and loads fuller. Just like ice cream but less calories! Lurv it & craving for more!!

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
Lot T-K02, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur.

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