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Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells on my lashes

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Mascara.. my all time fave make up must have! Before I start typing anything else take a look at the photo below, yes look down there you go. You got to lurv that drama effect!!

Bring on the drama!

Now lets talk about Lancôme mascaras. From Definicils to Hypnose to Virtuose to Oscillation, Lancôme has been prettifying peepers of woman the world over for 20 years now. After launching internationally last year Lancôme Hypnose Precious Cells is finally here! *yayy!!*

Classy elegant tube, typical of Lancôme.

This Treatment Mascara not only gives you lash-by-lash volume and visibly denser lashes it also protects your lashes. It helps promote lash growth, making it stronger and prevents mature lashes from shedding by using key ingredients such as Madecasoside, an extract of Centella asiatica used in the care for hair loss prevention and known for its efficiency and Arginine known to help re-densify fibers.

Here's what I notice about it:
  • light texture
  • glides easily in between lashes
  • coats lashes individually
  • removes easily with eye make up remover
  • great formula for easy mulitple coats application
  • gives a great Dramatic Lash Effect!! Likey!
Compare the right eye with no mascara and the left eye after only 1 coat
*Note: No curler or booster was used

After 2 coats on top lashes and 1 coat on bottom lashes

My lashes look fuller with slight lengthening effect and lashes are coated from root to tip

I had this on for about 6 hours and did not notice any smudging or bits dropping
I know comb wands are popular now but I still prefer brush wands. I feel that it's easier to manoeuvre. This brush wand has dense bristles which coats individual lashes loads better. Plus the size is small so it fits at the corner of the eyes nicely.

Slim wand with a small brush makes it easy to manoeuvre
This is a Helical brush inovated by Lancôme

Dense bristles ensure lash-by-lash separation and coats lashes with ease

Notice how the brush coats my bottom lash with ease

With Treatment Mascaras, long term use is essential to obtain proper results. Since I only tried it on yesterday I can't comment on the long term use. However based on a study done by Lancôme after 28 day use a panel of women perceive:
  • lashes are in better condition as though regenerated
  • lashes are protected and nurtured
  • reduce loss of lashes during make up removal
As you can already guess, yes I super like this mascara! You guys should definitely try this out, you might just like it. So head down to a Lancôme counter or better yet the  Lancôme Loves Colours road show at Pavilion concourse from 18/7/11 to 24/7/11! Great promos going on there.

I'm ready to flutter my lashes ;)

Lancôme Hypnose Precious Cells is water resistant and smudge resistant. Retails for RM95.

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  1. Ooo, nice...I am a fan of Lancome Virtuose Mascara and I can't wait to try this out! I noticed that some of my lashes falls out with their other range of mascara, do you think this does the same too?

  2. hi anonymous! :)
    well, i've only tried this mascara once but when i removed it with an eye make up remover, i didn't experience any lash falling out..
    i'm currently using lancome virtuose precious cells and very minimal fall out too, perhaps the mature lashes making way for the new ones..
    this new one is a treatment lash, it requires a long term use and it's suppose to protect and nurture your lashes.. they also use special ingredients thats used in hair loss prevention..
    i think you should try this out first at the counters, see how you like it then decide if you want to get it..
    hope this helps.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<