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Brush Review: Acca Kappa - The New Protection Brush

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Ooo what a loopie looking brush.. This is the first time I have come across a brush with strange looking bristles. But hey I'm all for strange-ness and I can't wait try this out.

Introducing Acca Kappa's All NEW Protection Brush
*play grand entrance background music*

No the brush does not protect you from bad guys, ward off evil or anything like that. It's a brush that is created to protect your scalp and your gorgeous hair.

What's the big deal about this brush? Well, it's all in the loop! What exactly is up with the loops? I wondered the same thing when I first saw it. The idea of the looped bristles is that, it's meant to touch the scalp very gently and to go through the hair easily without entangling the hair.

Notice the micro-round tops? It's really gentle on the scalp.

The specific height and width of the nylon loop help them to go deeply into the hair with the correct flexibility needed to caress your hair without stretching or damaging the hair structure. Sounds relaxing yet? *winks*

See the grooves in my hair as I run the brush through it. It goes through real smooth and doesn't snag.
*Please click image for larger view*

Unlike normal brushes, the bristles are heat-sealed to a natural rubber cushion base to not only avoid entangling but was designed with a correct balance between its sizes and the number of the tufts, giving the correct pressure when pressed against the scalp.

Made from beech wood, it's light and fits perfectly in my small hand.

With such soft and flexible loops, it's great to delicately massage you scalp daily. By lightly massaging the scalp it stimulates the microcirculation and encourages the correct moistening of the hair follicles. This ensures that the natural oils your scalp secretes coats your hair so that it will not look dry and lifeless.

I have been using the brush since I got it about 2 weeks ago and I noticed the oils get distributed evenly and my hair looks less dull. I wasn't really sure what it was suppose to do at first but now, it's growing on me. My fave time to brush my hair is when I'm watching tv!! Unconventional but it's the only time I have time to sit and relax. I have brushed my hair so much, it could last me a life time. Lol!

Yes, that's me watching tv.. :P
Tip: When brushing with Acca Kappa brushes, brush against the hair growth to stimulate hair follicles and to evenly distribute natural oils.

And as the contest goes.. Acca Kappa has exclusively given you guys, super awesome Chocolate Cats readers, a cash voucher worth RM15 when you purchase a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM280 (worth up to RM 390). A steal huh! All you have to do is print out the voucher below and bring it along with you when you're purchasing the set of brushes. Each voucher will have a code for Acca Kappa to keep track of as there are other participants for this contest. The more vouchers you guys print out and use, the chances of me winning a prize of RM2,000 worth of Acca Kappa products increases. I need a minimum of 4 vouchers to be used to qualify for the next round.
Exclusively for you!
Just print out this Cash Voucher!

Current offer
RM 280 - RM15 = RM265 for 3 brushes!!
Offer available at Acca Kappa One Utama and Acca Kappa Pavilion KL.

Read my intro post on Acca Kappa brushes here and stay tuned for more reviews! :)

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