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Capricciosa & Illy on Sunday

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I generally consider Sunday as my rest day. A rest day where I have to finish up blog work and do chores. Some rest day huh. Lets just consider it a day I don't usually go out. Since I do need to eat I dragged a friend of mine to Capricciosa at Pavilion KL for lunch. Its been open for a while now so yeah I'm a bit slow. This is the #1 Italian food craze made famous in Japan since 1978 by award winning chef Masaaki Honda. Italian Japanese food, hmm..

Pappardelle with Porcini and Eringi Mushroom in Cream Sauce - RM26.90

Pasta cooked al dente. The seasoning was just nice but I there wasn't much sauce and the portion a tad bit small especially for the price.

Shrimp & Spinach Gratin - RM19.90
Shrimp and spinach with Rigatoni pasta baked in cream sauce. Topped with mozzarella cheese.

Cream sauce in abundance in this one. Lotsa cheese and a generous amount of big shrimps!

After the ridiculously sickly lunch, not that I'm complaining I ♥ Cheese, made a bee line to Zara, sale!! Found a few pieces that I've been eyeing for a while but either the size is gone or it's not there anymore. More money for me to buy other things I want I suppose.. and it's a long list. *sigh*

No better way to drown my disappointment than having tea! Best meal of the day!! I headed over to Espressamente Illy for a good cuppa coffee and munchies.

Shakerato - RM11
A double illy espresso, chilled and shaken with ice and liquid sugar.
Neve Fondente - RM13
An iced mocha with a twist.

Good coffee! It's Illy after all.. :)

Biscotti Vienesse - RM6

Good for munchies. Rich, buttery dipped with yummy bitter sweet dark chocolate.

Tiramisu - RM14
Traditional Italian dessert made with illy coffee, mascarpone, savourdi biscuits and liqueur.

I guess I was expecting too much with this Tiramisu. I mean its a coffee dessert so having it at an Illy cafe could be good right. How wrong I was. All I can say is, too much liqueur and not enough coffee. I was looking for that intense coffee hit but all I got was liqueur galore. :( Compared to the one I had at Favola @ Le Meridien this one fell flat! For Favola post click here.

Hopefully I've made your tummies growl coz mine sure is roarring!! Having lunch at Lemon Garden 2 Go at Shangs tomorrow, looking forward to a gourmet sandwich and... dessert!! :)

Capricciosa Pavilion KL
(Near Food Repubic food court)
Lot 1.52.00, Level 1,
Pavilion KL.
Tel: 603-2141 0517
Business Hour : 10am - 10pm

Espressamente Illy
(Near the fountain, you can't miss it)
Lot 3-10-00, Level 3,
Pavilion KL.

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  1. Salam. I'm just curious why do you eat the Tiramisu? It contains liqueur kan (and I know banyak Tiramisu is not meant to be taken by Muslims). Haram to take for Muslim right? Hope you can give some explanation to your Muslim readers. Thanks.

  2. That 2nd plate looks YUM! *drools*

  3. aaah I've always be a lover for italian food :3 the pasta look delicious

  4. To Anonymous,

    It's fascinating how this question always comes up every time I do a review involving liqueur. I must say it's a great way to get comments. Lol!! I have already addressed this subject in my previous post. Please search under Food and read.

    I don't need to explain myself to you or anyone else. If you perceive it as Haram then don't do it. Easy.

    The next time you decide to leave such a comment please leave your name, ic number, email, phone number and address. Will gladly get my Syariah counsel to contact you regarding the subject.

    Thank you for reading Chocolate Cats. Please come again if you think it's halal. rofl!

    Trivia: Did you know that Tapai has 12% alcohol content and yet Malay Muslims still happily eat it. Now isn't that hypocrisy at its best.

  5. Isabel: those big shrimps are fresh! definitely yum!

  6. Lina Kim: me too! it's all that fresh tomato based sauce and cheese!!


Appreciate your comments >_<