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Brush Review: Acca Kappa - That Green Brush

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That Green Brush could have been featured in The Green Lantern just for the colour! Lol!! This brush isn't exactly on Acca Kappa's must have list of brushes but it comes in handy when you want to keep an extra brush in the car, bag or chuck it in your luggage for a trip.

The main purpose of this brush is purely for brushing your hair. It's made from plastic and comes in a few funky and fun colours. It still has the natural rubber cushion base giving correct pressure when pressed against the scalp. The bristles are heat sealed, so you don't have to worry about entangling your hair with this brush either.

Go Green!

Rounded tip bristles spaced out correctly to ensure comfort of use

It's still comfortable to use and does not scratch at my scalp. Despite the bristles being plastic, it's rather gentle. Good quality plastic!

The bristles runs through my hair smoothly without tugging

I brought That Green Brush on my recent Bangkok trip. It came in really handy keeping my otherwise dishevelled rockstar looking hair in place. It has a mind of its own, what can I say. :P

That Green Brush in Bangkok

And as the contest goes.. Acca Kappa has exclusively given you guys, super awesome Chocolate Cats readers, a cash voucher worth RM15 when you purchase a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM280 (worth up to RM 390). A steal huh! All you have to do is print out the voucher below and bring it along with you when you're purchasing the set of brushes. Each voucher will have a code for Acca Kappa to keep track of as there are other participants for this contest. The more vouchers you guys print out and use, the chances of me winning a prize of RM2,000 worth of Acca Kappa products increases. I need a minimum of 4 vouchers to be used to qualify for the next round.

Exclusively for you!
Just print out this Cash Voucher!

Current offer
RM 280 - RM15 = RM265 for 3 brushes!!
Offer available at Acca Kappa One Utama and Acca Kappa Pavilion KL.

I'm gonna try to review one of the must have brushes from Acca Kappa next. So look out for that! ;) In the mean time read my review for the New Protection Brush here.

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