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Tosca Italian Trattoria @ Doubletree by Hilton

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Fasting month has made me slightly lazy and a bit more tired than usual. Can't really focus on writing much, hence why there was only 1 post last week. The lack of sugar and dairy in my system is killing me. To keep things light this week I've decided to do food! *yummss*

Last week I had dinner at Tosca Italian Trattoria @ Doubletree by Hilton, KL. Italian, wonderful change instead of the usual break fast buffet spreads which usually features local foods. I had a sumptuous variety that left me completely stuffed by the end of the evening. At Tosca you'll find traditional Mediterranean specialties and a selection of fine wines and other beverages.

Lurv the ambience! It was good move having this outlet at the poolside. Very laid back and relaxed. It was raining that evening so it was very cooling and made me enjoy the food loads more.

These obvoiusly aren't Italian. The friendly staff at Tosca got this ready for break fast. :)

Bread basket!! Isn't exactly the healthiest but definitely yummy. I tend to fill myself up with bread before the food comes which not really a good thing. But when it's freshly baked, it's hard to resist! Plus the herb butter was addictive.

Insalata "Cesare" with grilled Cajun spiced prawns - RM28
Crunchy romaine lettuce and garlic croutons tossed with Caeser dressing, topped with "Parmiggiano Reggiano", poached egg

The Cajun grilled prawns were lovely!! Perfectly seasoned. Salad was fresh, lightly toosed in dressing and the best part was when I cut through the poached egg and the yolk came oozing out. And the cheese... I would've asked for more it were possible.

Insalata "Cesare" with Norwegian smoked salmon - RM30
Crunchy romaine lettuce and garlic croutons tossed with Caeser dressing, topped with "Parmiggiano Reggiano", poached egg

Just as lovely as the one with Cajun grilled prawns! The smoked salmon was really good.

Costoletta di agnello arrosto e crema di funghi - RM55
Oven roasted rack of lamb with barley risotto, grilled Romaine lettuce, vegetables stew and mushroom cream sauce

Not often that I get barley risotto and this was well cooked, a tad chewy and wonderfully seasoned.Now lets get to the lamb.. tender, juicy and flavourful!

Branzino al Forno - RM48
Oven baked sea bass with tomato, Kalamata olives, lemon, capers and salsa verde

I can't resist anything with olives. The salsa verde gives a rustic taste to the oven baked sea bass. I liked the fact that the ingredients were roughly chopped, it was a brilliant burst of flavours. And to complete it a perfectly baked sea bass.

For dessert... *drooling while I'm looking at this photo.. sigh*

Semifreddo di nocciola e cioccolato - RM26
Semi frozen dessert of hazelnut and chocolate served with white chocolate ice cream

I wanted to try something a part from tiramisu for a change. Good thing this was on the menu. Simple plating but enticing nonetheless. The first thing I tried was the white chocolate ice cream and I was less than impressed. It wasn't creamy enough and it was quickly melting away. *sigh* As for the semifreddo (It means "half cold" in Italian in case you're wondering), it was pretty good. Rich and smooth with a beautiful mix of hazelnut and chocolate.

Summer berries triffle - RM24
Layers of berry stew, vanilla sponge and frangelico cream

That's a lot of cream. Not that I was complaining. Lurved the flavour the frangelico gave to the cream. The berry stew was refreshing but there was too little to go around! Could do with a bit more stew. 

Tosca is a really nice place to just chill out and enjoy food. Lurving the whole poolside thing. If you have a craving for Italian, try this out. It's only the start of the day and I'm already salivating over the food photos. Gosh.. feed me please!!

Tosca Italian Trattoria @ Doubletree by Hilton | Facebook
The Intermark,
Level 10,
182 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21727272
Opens: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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  1. yummy!! ur post is making me drool so early in the morning

  2. food looks wonderful!!!

  3. del piero: i've been hungry since morning.. lol!

  4. macheda: wow, two footballers in one day.. lol! food tastes good too..


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