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Dessert In Style: Afternoon Tea in a Navy Dress

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Aaah.. the 14th.. Great day for an English style afternoon tea don't you think. Well I certainly thought so. *contented smile* Today's plan of having afternoon tea at Harrods went smoothly. What could be more satisfying than having a spot of tea with dainty sandwiches, scones and mini desserts.

Miniature chocolate cake, Victoria sponge and Fresh fruit tartlets

Yummie buttery scones!

Served with clotted cream and Harrods strawberry and blackcurrant preserves

Smoked salmon, Roast beef and Cucumber sandwiches

Harrods exclusive Georgian Blend Tea served with milk/lemon

Since I was going for afternoon tea I decided to put on something other than my usual "oh so practical to run around in" outfit, a dress. Definitely a rare sight! Lol! Nothing against dresses just feel loads more comfie in jeans. There's something very classic about a navy dress. Although I avoid it just because it's dark, it seems to work for me. And when it comes to prints, I'm completely sold!

Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - Vincci
Bag - Nine West

All time fave lipstick, Laura Mercier Healthy Lips

Todays been a good day and I'm rather enjoying doing this Dessert meet Fashion posts. One more day left. I'll try to finish off this project with a bang. I said I'll try.. *grins*

Dessert In Style Day 1
Dessert In Style Day 3

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