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MIFW '11 Day 6: MIFA Gala

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After what happened at the Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011 MIFA Gala, I've decided to rename it the "Who's Who" and "Who You Know" Gala. I'm pretty sure you can guess what I'm getting at right. Getting in was next to impossible even if you had an invitation or a media pass. But after patiently getting through the madness I finally got in. *Phewh* Missing Amir Luqman just wasn't an option.

The MIFA Gala included Dato' Tom Abang Saufi, PU3, Amir Luqman, Klutched, Sahara Jewel Art and Jovian Mandagie. Amir Luqman and Jovian Mandagie showcased their full collection at the MIFA Gala compared to the limited pieces at the BDA Gala earlier in the week. Klutched, Sahara Jewel Art and Jovian Mandagie were part of a Batik Is My Soul, collaboration the brainchild of Jovian Mandagie. Get ready for another photo overload.

Dato' Tom Abang Saufi


Amir Luqman

B.I.M.S By Klutched

B.I.M.S By Suhara Jewel Art

Jovian Mandagie

Right after the finale by Jovian Mandagie, some guests started making their way out. What I couldn't let go was the fact that the MC, former Miss Universe Malaysia, Andrea Fonseka commented, "It's a bit rude isn't it" when she noticed what was going on. Well, how about turning people with invites away after waiting for ages or making people wait for way more than an hour for that matter, isn't THAT rude? Brainless much?

Overall, I personally favoured the Melium Gala for the blinged up evening, lurved how Ashley Isham flaunted his mind blowing collection and felt well excited getting to watch Amir Luqman's collection strut down the runway. Hopefully next year's Fashion Week will be better organised and more people will get to experience it and be apart of Malaysia International Fashion Week.

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  1. Sounds disorganised...

    Maybe they are getting a bit big headed

  2. nice pics. always luv Jovian's creations... fascinating.

  3. Great coverage for MIFW!

  4. fahion turtle: not sure what happened there. lets hope they pull it together next year..

    anonymous: thanks loads! there's still more coming.. lol


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