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MIFW '11 Day 5: Melium Gala

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The Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011 ends today. But yesterday evening's MIFA Gala left much to be desired for. I'll leave that for the MIFA Gala write up.

The Melium Gala on Friday was the glitziest and most glamorous of the weeks gala nights. If there was a Gala Night to be at, this one was it. Well it had to be, it's Farah Khan after all. Brands under the Melium Group which included Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Farah Khan previewed their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Farah Khan also premiered her latest line FK apart from Asia Rocks and the current Farah Khan label.

Staying true to its bold colours and prints, Pucci showcased but a limited collection. Dresses designed to cling to the curves and colours for the woman who wants to get noticed.

Yves Saint Laurent
First thing I noticed was the daring red lips. Parisian much. For YSL, jewel tones will continue into Spring/Summer next year. No complaints there, I still can't get enough of jewel tones. From bits of ruffles, neatly cut dresses, palazzo pants and flowey blouses, if I had to choose a word for it, it would be elegant.

FK by Farah Khan
FK is a latest line by Farah Khan. A casual chic line which can easily bring you into the night. Dresses are either short or maxi, with playsuits and necklines of various types. Lacking of prints, colours are solid. Great to be worn alone or even layered.

Asia Rocks
Making a statement with phrases that could inspire. Sequined singlet dresses in a single colour, white, with phrases in black sequins starting off with 21 Rue Cambon, the address of Chanel's original boutique in Paris. Fave label or inspired by?

Farah  Khan
Been waiting the whole evening for this! With the tagline "We dress the best girls in town" loads of Hollywood celebritied have been spotted in Farah Khan's signature sequined dresses. I simply adore them. Farah Khan has injected a bit more colour for Spring/Summer 2012 apart from the usual gold, silver and blacks. Dresses are a a perfect length to make the legs look oh so sexy. Teamed with shaggy fur vests (which I'm hoping is faux fur) the collection dazzled the runway in true Farah Khan style.

Will put up photos from the MIFA Gala Night soon. ^^

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